Xiaomi Mi 8 

Xiaomi is known for bringing flagship phones at much lower prices than its competitors. Its latest release, the mi8, has just come out but only in China. So, for now, should you get it when it releases worldwide. The model for the Chinese market, while it’s unlikely some aspects of his performance may change in future international releases instead of a mi7, xiaomi has released some mi8 for this year’s AP anniversary and just like last year.

Feature of Xiaomi Mi 8Feature of Xiaomi Mi 8

It’s made from shiny glass, Gorilla Glass 5, around the edges as the curved aluminum frame it’s rounded and comfortable to hold. However, there is no sharp edge to grab on to. Ours quickly came bundled with a soft plastic case, making it easier to grip and handle. You’ll have to be careful around water through the knee aid is solid. There’s no IP-rated water dust protection like last year’s mi six. One defining feature of this year’s model is the larger screen which remain now AMOLED instead of IPS LCD.

It’s six-point two one-inch in 1080p resolution with a TOA eighteen-point seven by nine aspect ratio; there’s even a trendy notch cut out at the top to make extra screen space. The aperture is vast if you want. You can hide it with a black strip. The mi 8 screen is excellent content, looks sharp at 400 PPI, and has the deep blacks typical of an AMOLED brightness, too, maxing at 458 nits. If you use auto-brightness mode, it can go up to 624 nits. So you won’t have any problem using this phone in the bright Sun.

Another benefit of the AMOLED screen is the always-on display. So you can get time and notifications at a glance. You can turn the always-on display off if you want to save power. Since there’s a notification LED, you’ll never remain left wondering when to check your phone, and it’s only white.

Camera Setup And Microsd Of Xiaomi Mi 8

The vertical dual camera setup on the left and the rear-mounted fingerprint reader, To reach and a bit recessed, it’s easy to find, plus it’s always on and lightning-fast awake of the fog. Another option is infrared face recognition for face unlock. It’s super convenient and quick and won’t unlock your phone if your eyes remain closed, and it works in the dark, too. Still, although there is an infrared camera on the front, there is no IR blaster to control appliances which was a more convenient feature than mi six storage wiser models with 64, 128, or 256 kg of internal memory.

There is no MicroSD slot, though, so this is expandable for audio. The mi8 has a single bottom firing speaker. So no, it’s not severe. Its loudness score was excellent and had clean and full-bodied output. You won’t be intelligent to plug in headphones without a USBC adapter, though, like last year, there is no 3.5-millimeter jack. A dongle comes bundled with the phone, and sound through headphones tested out impressively loud and exceptionally clean under the hood is a top-of-the-line snapdragon 845 chipsets and 6 kg of a gram as expected performance is excellent.

Battery Of Xiaomi Mi 8

In benchmarks that fall behind another snapdragon 845 flagships, the numbers we see iron said more like a snapdragon 835. It seems to be due to poor heat management and throttling. We noticed that the mi 8 heats up quite a bit under heavy use. It’s only through extra cooling that we can get better numbers for battery life.

We weren’t disappointed the 3400 milliamp-hour battery posted excellent numbers in our proprietary tests earning an endurance rating of 86 hours there’s fast charging. With quick charge 4.0 with the quick bundled charger, we were able to get from zero to 44% in half an hour. Wrong, there is no wireless charging through the mi 8. So s is Xiaomi’s mi 9.5 / Android 8.1 Oreo. It’s pretty far from stock Android with plenty of proprietary features.


Is the Xiaomi Mi 8 water-resistant? Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro do not have an IP rating and are not officially water-resistant. Both devices are wrapped in Corning Gorilla Glass 5, a toughened glass that adds an extra layer of protection while providing only mild water resistance.

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