Oneplus 8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 – Today we are working on comparing the one plus eight versus the Samsung galaxy s10 plus, the main difference is that the hole-punch display is on the left side of the 1+8. But it’s on the right cross of the Galaxy S ten. Other than that, the appearance is almost identical, I thought. But, first, I would see a lot more comments, so I like a lot more and stuff about it.

Price Value Of One Plus Eight And Samsung Galaxy S10

Price Value Of One Plus Eight And Samsung Galaxy S10

we wanted to go ahead and compare The one plus 8 to the Samsung galaxy s 10 and see which one is the better price value and which one you should pick up now. There are a lot of advantages for both but starting with the price tag, the one plus eight is a retelling for $7.99 on Amazon for the standard model. I think the only model they have is an elbow there.

These things are getting sold out like crazy, which we guess is, you know, a pretty decent device. These Samsung Galaxy S 10 started at 899, but the S 10 doesn’t cost $8.99 anymore. So for the only available model, you can actually pick it up for less than 450 dollars which is pretty insane, and for me, right now, it’s saying it’s 410, but prices fluctuate, So I don’t know, but that is almost half the price as the one plus eight.

Samsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S 10

Since the Samsung galaxy s 10 is the other one, we have a 6.1-inch dynamic AMOLED display. It is a 1440p panel which is extremely cool, and what I’ll tell you like this man, the Galaxy S tens panel. Looking at it is such a good panel. When it came out last year, I was so happy about it. I felt like it was one of my feelings like I was holding a piece of art.

We had a minimal bezel around the whole display, and even coming from the Galaxy s 9, that was a pretty significant upgrade. You had various embezzles at the top and bottom, but you still had a little bit of a chin which was okay. Then you had that infamous hole punch to display that everybody was meeting at the time, but not. We got used to it, to remain honest.

We can tell you the display is still one of its highlights, it still looks like a perfect panel, and there’s not too much to hate on it. You have that in both fingerprints sensor in the displays hole, which is cool, whereas on the one plus, we have a six-point five inches 1080p panel, so it is a little bit. It’s not as great and not as sharp as something like a Samsung Galaxy S ten, and the weird thing is that it’s also more extensive than the Galaxy S ten.

Difference Between One Plus Eight And Samsung Galaxy S10

Difference Between One Plus Eight And Samsung Galaxy S10

So you have a little bit of a difference there, but what we will tell you, though, whether you want to say it makes up for it. It would be that 90 Hertz refresh rate we have that ability to do increases the screen refresh rate on the one plus eight. Where you don’t necessarily have that on the Samsung galaxy s 10 now. We think you know the steps panel looks better. But the one plus eight does have that extra refresh rate, and honestly, I would probably want that over the Samsung Galaxy S tens panel even though that one looks better, so this one is kind of tough.

You’re giving up. You know what better-looking committee on every single way for a conference with a higher refresh rate, which is what it is. But I do like if one plus eights display a little more because of that. However, we still think the Galaxy S tense panel looks better if you know what I mean. So they both have USB type-c ports on the bottom.

The Galaxy has tendons that have a fantastic headphone jack. On the back, they have triple camera setups on both glass backs on both as well. And the one plus 8 has this matte texture type of glass to it. What I think are fantastic remains that the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has the standard class bag. So suppose you ever use an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro X. In that case. That’s basically what the class back on the 1+8 feels like. But is that standard on the Galaxy s 10, like if you used an iPhone 11 or Galaxy S 9. Or whatever, that’s what that glass back feels like.

The Best Method To Find Which Is Better

That’s the best method we can explain now. However, the Galaxy’s ten does have an extremely cool feature. That one plus eight doesn’t have, and that is reverse wireless charging which we’ll get into in a second. Still, it also takes a microSD card slot which is incredibly awesome. But, again, the one plus eight doesn’t have that it’ll probably never get.

That’s a cool thing that the Galaxy S 10 has that the one plus eight does not have now IB certification. You have it on the Samsung galaxy s 10. You have ip68 doesn’t want resistance. Youself can go up to one and a half meters of water for 30 minutes. Whether you 1+8 as far as we know. I mean, they said that someone else has ID certifications.


hey, both kinds of looked the same as well. We think the Samsung Galaxy S 10. I don’t know. It feels better, probably because it’s smaller and fits better. Still, we believe the 1+8 does have some fantastic, compelling things forward – and for that price tag. We think it’s a pretty good-looking phone at the end of the day, so in terms of the outside. That pretty much covers it now hitting on this software. Oneplus 8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S10.

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