Twitter accounts better than the Hub – Twitter is a social media platform service also known as a microblogging system. It mainly helps you to be in touch with your family, friends and co-workers to communicate and stay connected. Furthermore, through the exchange of quick and frequent messages. Basically, people post tweets, which may contain photos, videos, links and text. These messages are posted on their tweeter page and sent to the followers who are reachable on Twitter.

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In this blog, we will deliver you with the best information that can be given for Twitter accounts better than the Hub. About Hub, How does it work, Basic features of the hub network Types of Hub and its pros and cons regards to the hub priorities as well providing you with details of Twitter types and the benefits of holding them.

Types of Twitter Accounts

Moreover, we can create three types of Twitter accounts as per the executives:

  1. Official account
  2. Paid account
  3. Unlabeled account

What is Hub?

What is Hub?

A hub is refereed to a public connection point, also famous as a network hub, used for connecting devices in the network. It is a node that broadcasts data to every computer or Ethernet-based device connected to it. However, it poses as the primary connector source for the rest of the connection points.

Hub in Networking

  • A hub is a virtual networking device used to connect multiple devices on a local network.
  • In a hub-based network, all devices connect to share the same bandwidth, and every device has access to the network.
  • It works at the corporeal layer of the OSI mode.
  • For example, if a hub has eight Ports, then any input that arrives on port one will be automatically transmitted to all the other ports from 2 to 8.
  • Hub is not an intelligent device because it does not have any memory to store device information. If a computer wants to send data to another computer, the Hub broadcasts to the Hub; that’s why it is not an Intelligent Device

How Does Hub Work?

How does Hub work?

It works like an electric wire. It receives data signals from one device in one port and forwards them to all the other ports except the source port.

The Hub does not interpret or process the data in any way. It does not have any capability to identify any frames to know where it should forward because it does not maintain any table-like switch.

Process of Hub

The basic process of a hub device:

Data transmission

When a device wants to send data to another device on the network, it sends the data to the Hub.


The Hub then broadcasts the data to all other connected devices by transmitting data out on all of its ports.

Data reception

The receiving device receives the data from the Hub and processes it.

Data collision

If two devices send data to the Hub simultaneously, their data will collide. And neither device will be able to receive data again.

Types of Hub

Types of Hub

  • Active Hub
  • Passive Hub
  • Intelligent Hub

Can Twitter Accounts Be Consider Better than the Hub

What makes us feel or think that Twitter accounts are better than the Hub Twitter poses? Furthermore, my answer would be yes. As Twitter is what’s going on in the world right now and what people are talking about. Sports, politics, and everyday interests, in addition to breaking news and entertainment. and various mobile devices offer the services and it is available worldwide in more than 40 different languages.

Twitter’s primary purpose is to connect its users and allow them to share their thoughts with their followers and others through hashtags. It can serve as a news and entertainment source and a tool for corporate marketing.

Whereas Hub is used in a physical layer because it is not an intelligent device. It does not maintain any table-like switch. And also, it operates at the lowest level of the networking stack, whereas the emergence of Twitter is so high that within seconds it can lead worldwide.

In summary, the Hub operates at the physical layer of the OSI model without processing or interpreting the data in any way.


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