Professional Courses- India has over 700 universities and more than 40000 affiliated universities, and almost every year, 20 to 25 million people enroll and graduate. Even then, there is a loss of employment even with the best degree holder; people don’t find jobs.

Also, this is no more an era of a degree holder getting the highest-paid job. This era is more about professional courses.

Therefore, If you have recently completed your bachelor’s degree and are looking for professional programs, here is a comprehensive list of some of the most opted professional courses after graduation.

Mba (Master Of Business Administration) Is One The Professional Courses

An MBA becomes one of the most popular courses upon completion and has the potential to give you massive industry exposure and skills in your chosen area of ​​interest.

It is high on our list of professional postgraduate courses due to the wide range of MBA specializations in media management and interior design to agribusiness and agriculture. Additionally, studying MBA abroad offers you extensive international exposure and networking opportunities to further navigate your area of ​​interest.

PID In Hotel Management

PID In Hotel Management

Typically offered as a 1-2 year program, a graduate degree in Hospitality Management prepares students for managerial positions in the hospitality industry. likewise With the rise of the hospitality industry, building your career in hospitality management offers a variety of exciting opportunities as it gives you the opportunity to travel the world and work in top hotels, cruise lines, airlines and more.

Pgpm Is One The Professional Courses

An intensive one-year postgraduate course, the Postgraduate Program in Management (PGPM) is ideal for those looking to complete a professional master’s degree in less time. With a rigorous curriculum, this course focuses primarily on management studies, helping practitioners delve into this broad field of study. Integrating a variety of workshops and interactive learning into the structure is another strong mention in our list of professional courses as they can provide you with specialized business and management knowledge.

Msc In Data Science Is One The Professional Courses

The Master of Data Science is one of the best courses after graduation. Data science has earned its 21st century sexy job moniker because in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data  produces every day, a professional who can compile that data to provide business solutions is indeed the hero!

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute agrees. It says that by 2018 there will be a global shortage of around 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills. With the big data wave showing no slowing downcast, global companies are rushing to hire data scientists to tame their critical big data.

Authorized Financial Analyst Is One The Professional Courses

Remember when there was an AC hype? Yes, CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) is the new CA. The reason is that it is accepted all over the world and also has a wide program. It also opens up a variety of high-paying jobs in investment banking, research analysis, or financial strategy. To become a CFA, you must pass three levels of testing. These exams include accounting, economics, financial management, and security analysis questions. The candidate is only eligible if he has a passport. You may have a bachelor’s degree or be in your final year of study. also, They must also have four years of professional experience. It must be a combination of professional experience and university education of at least four years. As a CFA, you also get a high-paying job at investment firms.

Master Of Business Analysis

Next on the list of professional courses to take after graduation in 2020 is an MSc in Business Analytics. Commercial analysis allows you to use your skills in analysis combined with knowledge of business intelligence (BI) over large sets of donnas ensembles for the gathering of information that you will use in the future in developing trading strategies support.

Business analytics enables companies to analyze current data and gain valuable insights to plan and implement future business goals and strategies using various tools. as well asThis popular technology streamlines processes to increase business revenue by improving customer relationships, saving on operational costs, predicting future patterns, and more.

employment opportunities

These are a few of the numerous opportunities open to you after completing your Master of Business Analytics:

Business Analyst


data architect

Data Analyst

project manager

Market Analyst

Fintech Technology Courses Is One The Professional Courses

although,Fintech refers to financial technology. It is a new technology that automates and improves various financial services. The financial services industry needs people who understand how fintech is changing the way finance is understood.  Career opportunities with a financial technology degree are:

data science

AI and AA


Internet security

development of mobile applications etc.

Masters In Social Work

The Master of Social Work is a PG degree in Social Work. hence, This is a two-year program consisting of social work in various areas of social services. The course is more focused on fieldwork and research training than face-to-face training. TISS, University of Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia are recognized universities for their Masters of Social Work. You may need to pass the entrance exam first to pass these universities. After that, you should also pause the group chat or face-to-face conversation. The second round depends on the criteria of the school. After an MSW, you can land potential jobs as a social worker. They may also work as analysts, community workers, counselors or counselors.

PGDM in finance

PGDM in Finance is a postgraduate management degree in the field of finance. This professional training program in financial management is a two-year program. The study program includes financial topics and modules such as the financial market, cost and performance accounting, accounting, international finance, etc.

To be admitted to this course, you must have a bachelor’s degree, achieve at least 50% and a valid grade in XAT, CAT, CMAT, etc. PGDM in Finance is an alternative to the MCom program. Although it is typically taken by business students, it is not compulsory. as well as, Anyone who wants to learn PGDM in finance can take it.

employment opportunities

Some of the many job opportunities available to these finance professionals are listed below:

financial advisor

investment banker

financial advisor

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