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Lanier tech (LTC or Lanier Tech) is a specialized public school with various areas in the U.S. province of Georgia. It is essential for the Specialized School Arrangement of Georgia and gives training administrations to a seven-province administration region in north Georgia. Therefore, The school’s administration region incorporates Banks, Hand truck, Dawson, Forsyth, Corridor, Jackson, and Lumpkin counties. Lanier Tech is certified by the Commission on Universities of the Southern Relationship of Schools and Schools. Many of the school’s particular specialized programs are likewise licensed by their separate certification organizations.

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History of Lanier Tech

Lanier Specialized School is a public establishment in Gainesville, Georgia. Its grounds are situated in a province with a complete enlistment of 4,051. The school uses a semester-based academic year. The understudy personnel proportion is 14-to-1. Therefore, The most significant level presented at Lanier Specialized School is a partner degree. The school has an open confirmation strategy.

The in-state educational cost and expenses for 2018-2019 were $3,336, and the out-of-state academic fee and charges were $6,006. The application expense is $25.

Therefore, Understudies can acquire degrees and declarations in 17 distinct fields. Notable projects include Wellbeing Callings and Related Projects, Business, The executives, Showcasing, Related Help Administrations, and Specialist and Fix Advancements/Professionals.

Services at Lanier Tech

  • Distance education facility
  • Employment service for students
  • College scholarships
  • Student loans
  • Credit for life experience
  • Remedial services
  • Academic Council
  • Career council
  • Placement services
  • Daycare for students
  • Library facility
  • Ethnicity’s distribution
  • Fee concession
  • Evening degree programmers

Major Responsibilities of Lanier Tech

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General Liabilities

  • Under broad watch, will plan for each class research center meeting by getting ready supplies and hardware for understudies.
  • Help individual understudies in the lab and class climate.
  • Help with an exhibit, testing, and reviewing.
  • Regulate and screen research centre space as well as the PC lab.
  • Will help with keeping up with critical thinking and investigating hardware or programming inside lab settings.
  • It Will guarantee adherence to somewhere safe and secure and neatness guidelines, keeping a successful and safe learning climate in which understudies can perform program-level assignments.
  • And will plan the research center timetable as doled out and uphold all lab approaches, rules, and methods.
  • Therefore, Will aid assortment and the board of private understudy information.
  • Coordinate understudy support in wellbeing fairs, field outings, and local area wellbeing administrations.
  • Keep up with stock, request supplies/hardware, and get; stock racks and cupboards.
  • Perform different obligations as allocated by teachers

Competencies of Lanier Tech

Information on course principles and ability/aptitude in the branch of knowledge

  • Capacity to comprehend, acknowledge and follow headings
  • Ability in the activity of lab hardware and additionally PCs
  • Suitable oral and composed relational abilities that successfully convey data to understudies who could work at the new, starting, or high level
  • Capacity to perform lab capabilities, keep up with precise records, get ready illustration materials
  • Information on Microsoft Office Suite, including Succeed
  • Compelling independent direction and critical thinking abilities
  • Capacity to work helpfully with others fairly and impartially and to keep a charming, proficient connection with understudies and personnel/staff.
  • Adaptability to change work hours because of the requirements of the school, something like 29 hours week by week

Conveys understudies’ advancement to understudies and talks about proper changes to further develop execution depending on the situation.

  • Precisely keeps relevant data in the understudy’s record as required.
  • Ascertains, records and reports understudies’ grades precisely on the Writing board.

Physical Demands and Working Environment of Lanier Tech

The work is usually performed while finding a spot at a work area, table, standing, or strolling.

  • Therefore, The work usually is acted in a homeroom or material lab setting.
  • It works generally performed on different grounds.
  • In some program or course regions, actual requests might stretch out to actual development and positions for broadened periods, including twisting and lifting while at the same time standing or sitting.

Required Qualification at Lanier Tech

Current CMA (AAMA) or RMA (AMT) certification

Partner’s certificate in clinical helping or related field and one year of involvement with clinical helping OR Three (3) years of clinical helping experience within the last five (5) years AND Current medical care supplier CPR accreditation

This is an impermanent, low-pressure job designated for every scholastic term premise. This is an hourly-paid position, as long as 29 hours weekly while classes are in a meeting.

Therefore, No telephone requests, please. Because of the volume of utilizations got, we can’t contact every candidate. If we are keen on planning a meeting, a delegate from our school will get in touch with you.

Lanier Specialized School will acknowledge applications consistently to fabricate and keep a functioning pool of qualified contenders to meet our present and future requirements for this position. Openings could exist as of now. Applications are assessed depending on the situation, and up-and-comers will be reached just while the Recruiting Administrator has an introduction. Competitors that present their data could be advised concerning the problem with their application.

More About Lanier Tech Institution

Therefore, Lanier Specialized School is pleased to serve Upper east Georgia by giving top-notch credit programs, excellent tweaked industry preparation, and uncommon grown-up instruction programs.

Our understudies succeed in programs from Associated Wellbeing, Business, PC Sciences, Proficient Administrations, Public Security, Specialized and Modern, and School Center. Therefore, Tech is home to Georgia’s head Motorsports Vehicle Innovation and Electrical Utility Innovation programs.

Therefore, With a general alum situation pace of 100 per cent for seven of the most recent eight years, Lanier Specialized School attempts to guarantee business, industry, medical services, and government organizations have the profoundly gifted labor force expected to keep on energizing the mixed and incredibly vigorous economy of Upper east Georgia.

Specialization of Lanier Tech

Lanier Specialized School is additionally home to Georgia’s just Alkali Refrigeration Preparing System. This program gives preparation to modern accomplices in each of the fifty states and numerous unfamiliar nations.

Therefore, Our Grown-up Training programs are intended to help occupants of our seven district administration region to plan to procure a secondary school equivalency qualification as well as in English proficiency.

Therefore, with our area Confirmed Proficient People Group Projects and other local area pioneers, we are pleased to propose nearby grown-up schooling administrations in every one of the seven regions we serve.

Also Specializes In The Areas

Therefore, Lanier Specialized School has areas of strength for giving authority to specialized training in Georgia. Our most memorable president, Dr John Lloyd, was one of the makers of what is currently Georgia QuickStart. Our third president, Dr Ken Breeden, was the principal Chief of the Specialized School Arrangement of Georgia.

Throughout the past 10 years, Lanier Specialized School has been perceived as Georgia’s Specialized School of the Year. Therefore, had two educators named the Georgia Rick Perkins Grant of Greatness Teachers of the year, and had two understudies named Georgia Hawk Grown-up Training Understudies of the Year.


Lanier Specialized School is home to the Nathan and Sandra Arrangement Library. Therefore, Arrangement Library the sole gubernatorial library housed on specialized school grounds in Georgia. With extraordinary teachers and staff, condition of artistry offices, and a tradition of initiative, Lanier Specialized School focused on furnishing our understudies with excellent instructive encounters and administrations to guarantee. Therefore, our witticism of “Incredible Vocations Start Here” shows some signs of life every single day long into the future.

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