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Before implementing cop minor, we were like any other typical call center, just a lot of people talking on the phone. We didn’t know what they were doing, so implementing cop minor gave us insight into what was going on on every phone type of feedback that we were providing was just on a generic whenever we ran across a call. this better say this next time. Having called minor allowed us to target what We wanted to tell you needed to express more ownership or empathy or even ask more probing questions.

We weren’t tracking repeat calls because we couldn’t see that very quickly. So once we started having the insight to repeat calls, we could then target okay. It is what you should do on the next call. So that this person doesn’t have to call back again, I just responded both positively and negatively.

Types Of Agents In America First FinanceTypes Of Agents In America First Finance

Some agents were more so. Oh my gosh, Big Brother’s going to be watching me, and then some agents were more performance-driven. They were glad that we would get an overall picture of how they were performing. So I think that overall, as an organization, it’s more of a positive outlook because it’s not so much, oh, we’re just trying to count you off or see what you’re doing, but we can see what you do and want to make you better we can help drive you to a better place.

We, of course, are lovers of analyzing. That’s where we live, pretty much, and also our dashboards. Our supervisors are prominent on the dashboards. One of our initiatives is bringing into the chat conversation, so we want to see what’s going on there and see if nearby is any way to improve and find efficiencies with the old checks. But, of course, the essential advantage remains to target things in masses, not one T two Z’s being able to bring back a ton of data.

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Look through it and get rid of what I don’t want, and use what I do like. But still, I definitely can say that we’ve made some significant improvement from silence to probing for more pain. Money out on the table and getting in front of complaints that actually cost us tons of money. So, I have advice for a company considering a car minor to call it an excellent tool.


Is American First Finance going to run a credit check? Unless you’ve already applied through American First Finance within the last 30 days, the answer is yes. When you use a product, American First Finance may make a hard credit inquiry (also called a “hard credit pull”) on your credit. Which could affect your credit score.

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