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amazon Samsung smart monitors quiz is the newest device which is quiz centred. It has been developed in the Fun zone section of the amazon app. Moreover, after the amazon LG Monitors Quiz, this is the second quiz discovered mainly to target the monitors. However, an intelligent monitor from another Korean consumer electronics.

Moreover, now amazon users can win the Samsung 27-inch M5 Smart Monitor worth INR 21,999 by answering the asked five Quiz questions correctly from the amazon app.

Furthermore, intelligent Samsung Amazon monitors quizzes on different fun zone contests like the amazon food match day quiz, amazon food hunt quiz, amazon credit card bill quiz and also amazon particular edition spin and win quiz. However, Amazon will choose the winners by randomly drawing chits.

What does a Samsung Smart Monitor Do?

What does a Samsung Smart Monitor Do?

With Samsung Smart Monitor, you can have many advanced multitasking features, like using work mode to access all of your PC apps. Like MS Excel or Word without being connected to your primary PC. However, an intelligent monitor and a smart TV have a remote control to change apps or channels.

Furthermore, Samsung has launched an intelligent monitor with Samsung DeX and Microsoft 365 work office and school work. And also has a switching feature so you can switch to a different mode as needed.

Other new features in the intelligent monitors are the two 5W speakers built into the monitor, and Microsoft Teams and Google Duo are supported for video calls. There is no need to connect the monitor to the computer to surf the Internet or edit documents. In addition to accessing VoD platforms without a computer, you can also enjoy Samsung TV Plus without downloading any content or registering for the same purpose. In addition, Samsung TV Plus content would also come with personalized recommendations from the Universal Guide.

Which Samsung Series Transform Into Art Amazon Quiz?

Which Samsung Series Transform Into Art Amazon Quiz?

Samsung’s The Frame Series Transforms into art when you are not watching TV. Amazon Samsung Frame TV Series Quiz will commence from 12 July to 12 august 2022, and 10 participants will be selected for the prize by a random lucky draw method.

  1. Is the first question in the new round of questions for the Amazon mattress Quiz? Which Samsung TV series converts into art when you’re not watching TV? & Samsung The Frame Series is the correct response.
  2. Which Samsung TV series evolves into art when you’re not viewing it?
  3. How many art pieces from internationally recognized institutions are included in the brand-new Samsung The Frame 4K TV?
  4. Which new Samsung The Frame 4K TV feature shows every gorgeous shade of color in 100% Color Volume that remains true at any brightness level?
  5. Which function of the most recent Samsung The Frame 4K TV automatically adjusts your display’s brightness and color in response to local sunset and sunrise?

What Does a Frost-Free Mean, Amazon Quiz?

What Does a Frost-Free Mean, Amazon Quiz?

During the Amazon Quiz, the most frequent question was: What does Frost Free mean? How long is the warranty for digital inverter technology?

Moreover, Frost Free refrigerators do not require manual defrosting; they are frost-free by default. A little component is kept inside the unit that liquefies ice. This is managed without impeding the normal cooling cycle expected to refrigerate food persistently. This is the most enhanced feature built into the model.

Does Samsung have a Bright Display?

Does Samsung have a Bright Display?

Yes, Samsung has a brilliant display. Now you can enjoy an innovative TV experience with an intelligent monitor that delivers everything you want and can stay connected without connecting to your PC.

With its new M8 Smart Monitor, which functions as a display for your desktop, laptop, or gaming console and a fully independent smart TV with all the apps you need to binge-watch your favorite shows, Samsung hopes to realize that ideal. Even a built-in webcam for video calls included.

The Smart Monitor features a clean, modern design  constructed with your lifestyle in mind. Its design complements any space thanks to its innovative detachable camera and ultra-slim back.

Go quickly through your list of tasks. Do all your chores with Smart Monitor while working in a distraction-free environment. Your workstation is your canvas for creativity, equipped with an internet browser, a collection of productivity programmes, and remote PC access for complete functionality.

Win Samsung Smart Monitor by Answering Easy Questions

Win Samsung Smart Monitor by Answering Easy Questions

Amazon has conducted quiz competitions for the users to play and win. Amazon also mentions the rule to follow the terms and conditions to participate, get the gifts from amazon, and form a flip cart. However, below are some of the most frequent questions Amazon service asks in the quiz competition.

Daily, weekly and unique edition quiz competitions are held on the microsite called Amazon Funzone by the online retailer. Apple iPhone 12s, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Sony multi-media speakers, Amazon Pay balances up to Rs. 1,000,000, and other prizes have awarded to the contest winners. Go to the Amazon app and type “Funzone” to locate the Samsung Smart Monitors Quiz. To access this quiz, click the first result and then scroll down. This link can also be connect to launch the quiz right away.

Amazon Samsung Smart Monitors Quiz Questions and answers:

  1.  Which feature of Samsung smart Monitor enables one-step screen mirroring with mobiles?
  2. The DeX interfacing feature on select Samsung mobiles provides a desktop experience while using the Smart Monitor without a PC.
  3. Which feature of Samsung Smart Monitor enables a PC-less environment and easy access to files on other PCs?
  4. Users can setup multiple voice assistants (like Bixby 2.0, Alexa) using the Samsung Smart Monitor remote.
  5. Which feature of Smart Monitor enables wireless dual monitor setup with MacBook?

Amazon Samsung Smart Monitor Quiz: How to play?

  • Firstly, download the Amazon mobile app from the App Store or Play Store to enter, then sign in to the app with your Amazon account or create a new one.
  • Go to Funzone and click Samsung Smart Monitors Quiz.
  • Now answer the five questions correctly.
  • The last screen confirms that you entered the drawing to win a Samsung Smart Monitor.
  • Click the link below to access Samsung’s range of intelligent monitors on Amazon India.

 Amazon Samsung Smart Monitors Quiz Requirements

  • You must answer all five questions correctly to enter into the prize draw.
  • Winners will drawn at random during the competition.
  • Winners must verify their cell phone number with Amazon if they are declare winner.
  • By entering the Contest, you consent to Amazon using your name, likeness, voice and appearance, photos, videos, etc. connection with the Contest or any promotion.
  • All information provided in connection with the Contest will treated following Amazon’s Privacy Policy.


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