Tips For Natural Beauty- In our body, skin is our biggest organ and is considered the mirror of our soul. Because quite often – and this is even scientifically supported – skin diseases occur together with psychological suffering.

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But healthy skin is so much more…

It is also an indicator of a functioning intestine and intact lymph and is not least one of the most essential beauty features because it indicates a high biological fitness.

In this article, we want to dump more profound into the mysteries of healthy skin and show you what tips and tricks you can use to work small miracles.

What Is Healthy Skin?

What Is Healthy Skin_

In the best case, the skin regulates itself completely by itself at any time and appears small-pored and remains free of particularly dry or greasy areas. Other indications that your skin is wonderfully intact are a matte, flat and smooth surface and the ability to stretch without cracking. The keywords in this context are elasticity and resilience.

Of course, there are very different skin types, which depend on genetics and the environment. Therefore, one cannot assume “the one perfect skin”.

To define healthy skin universally, it is, therefore, more practical to list those factors that should not be present. In turn, a distinction is between temporary impurities and more serious diseases. Simple impurities are, for example:

  • Dry, cracked areas
  • Greasy areas
  • Reddened and partly burning areas
  • Isolating pimples
  • Blackhead
  • Sunburns
  • Pale skin complexion

Tip #1: Reduce Stress Is One Of The Tips For Natural Beauty

Healthy Skin

As the biggest organ of the body, with an area of 2m2 in an adult person, it is not so easy to tease out the optimum from every square millimeter. Therefore, our first tip is: Don’t be too yourself! Every person has to struggle with impurities from time to time, and in manageable quantities, they are part of a normal body cycle. They indicate, for example, hormonal change or purification processes and should therefore  accept without much resistance. Only if the skin problems take on an oversized extent and limit life stronger (medical) measures are necessary.

There’s one thing you don’t need for beautiful skin, and that’s stress. This applies not only to skincare itself but throughout life. Due to the chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system, vital regenerative processes are carried out only on a low flame, including digestion, hormone regulation and the formation and breakdown of skin cells.

The longer you are in stress mode, the more your skin suffers because the body cannot devote its resources to its regeneration to a sufficient extent.

Tip #2: Exercise Is One Of The Tips For Natural Beauty

Exercise is fundamental not only for a beautiful body but also for beautiful skin. Only through movement is the lymphatic system activated, which is responsible for the disposal of cell degradation products and various pollutants. If there is a lack of exercise, the body cannot adequately get rid of all this waste and must find other ways to accommodate it. In addition to the fatty tissue, the skin is unfortunately also a very popular storage target. There is an increasing accumulation of bacteria, which, together with environmental influences and the skin’s sebum, cause pimples and blackheads.

On the other hand, the entire circulation is blown vigorously through movement. The blood transports fresh, vital substances to the last cell angles of the skin, the lymphatic fluid is transported to the lymph nodes, from where it is filtered and renewed, and deep, strong breaths also cleanse the lungs. All in all, exercise is a real cure for your skin!

Moderate forms of movement are ideal, in which the muscles  not overstrain. Too intense exercise can even have the opposite effect if a balance is  create by intelligent stretching or qualitative relaxation.

Healthy Skin (1)

Tip #4: The Right Diet Is One Of The Tips For Natural Beauty

A healthy diet for the skin is always healthy for the whole body because it includes an abundance of important vital substances and reduces harmful substances that burden the body and overuse the detoxification function.

In general, this means: Focusing on fresh, wholesome food made from healthy fat (especially omega-3 fatty acids), high-quality proteins and a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. Particularly high-quality fatty acids are essential for the skin’s natural elasticity and should  consume daily. They also regulate the hormone cycle and thus reduce the risk of hormone-related skin impurities.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid the following foods:

  • Unhealthy fatty acids: hydrogenated fats, trans fatty acids, cheap vegetable oils.
  • Sugary food: sweets, soft drinks, cakes.
  • Industrial bakery products with cheap wheat, hydrogenated fats and many preservatives.
  • Crackers, chips, and salty snacks that drain fluid from the body and contain unhealthy fat.
  • Fast food and fried food.

The good thing is that with a balanced diet with lots of fresh foods, your skin will become more beautiful and your whole life because you will have a lot more energy.

Tip #5: Avoid Pollutants Is One Of The Tips For Natural Beauty

The pollutants with the greatest influence on our skin are alcohol, tobacco and exhaust fumes. While alcohol and tobacco pollute our cells and affect our organs, exhaust fumes cause damage, especially to the skin.

Alcohol, in conjunction with healthy skin, benefits special attention because it actively attacks the liver. On the other hand, the liver is the most important detoxification organ and a malfunction correlates with skin diseases above average. The skin diseases acne, rosacea, folliculitis or seborrheic eczema are known as “liver dermatoses”.

So do your body and skin a favor, reduce harmful stimulants as much as possible, and treat yourself to plenty of fresh air.

Tip #6: The Right Amount Of Sun Is One Of The Tip For Natural Beauty

The sun is the engine of life on our planet. Whenever the sun is shining, the plants bloom nature brings to life. The same applies to the human body. It is not for nothing that we value sun-tanned skin as an ideal of beauty.

By absorbing the sun’s rays, our body produces vitamin D, which has a refreshing influence on hormone production. The libido and the positive attitude to life increase, and this, in turn, is reflected in a radiant skin.

However, caution  advise! Too much sunlight burns the skin, immediately leaving noticeable damage in the form of a sunburn; of course, this is anything but conducive to healthy skin. Therefore, pay attention to a balanced dosage and retreat to the shade if necessary.

Tip #7: Restful Sleep Is One Of The Tip For Natural Beauty

Relaxation is necessary for the body to regenerate. The parasympathetic nervous system turns on so that muscles, skin, hair, and other structures can realign. It is not for nothing that the term “beauty sleep” has established itself in the vernacular. Lack of sleep makes your skin appear pale and reduces blood flow. And on top of that, you’re more susceptible to stress.

By the way, restful sleep is not only defined by a sufficient time of 7-8 hours but also by good preparation. Avoid electronics, heavy food and stimulants before bedtime, and you will see that after a few days, you will sleep much more restfully, and your skin will become stronger.

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