Healthy Snacks

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No more cravings, I promise!

It doesn’t matter if it’s half past nine in the morning in Germany or the fight against the afternoon slump: (strength) athletes, in particular, have higher energy consumption and must ensure that they replenish regularly. Many then resort to the simplest solution: the chocolate bar. So you can save yourself such sugar bombs in the future, here are 11 healthy snacks for the middle!

All Kinds Of Nuts Is One Of The  Healthy Snacks

Although they have a fairly high proportion of fat, they mainly provide you with unsaturated fatty acids, which are simply super healthy fats and even help you lose weight and build muscle: nuts. And of all kinds: cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds…

Healthier Than Its Reputation: Popcorn Is One Of The  Healthy Snacks

Hands up, whoever thought popcorn was just a calorie bomb on movie night! Heated corn kernels are a very healthy snack if you don’t drown them in sugar, butter, or salt! Because then they are full of fibre, which swells in the stomach and keeps you full for a long time.

Packed With Protein: Greek Yoghurt – Is One Of The  Healthy Snacks

It’s hardly a VIP or health blogger who hasn’t been hyping it up lately: Greek yoghurt. It is right because it is super creamy and thick, but it also takes your breath away in terms of flavor.

Do you remember?! If you look at the nutritional standards, you will want to eat it every day: With about twice the protein of conventional plain yoghurt and a large portion of casein, this is the milk protein that provides you and your muscles with amino acids for a long time. You can easily miss 10 per cent fat! Still, dairy products like yoghurt are very suitable for healthy late-night snacks.

Fruity Coconut Popsicles Is One Of The  Healthy Snacks

The healthy alternative to supermarket ice cream: is homemade popsicles. You can use coconut milk or coconut liquid as a base. Both liquids contain extremely high levels of vitamins and minerals. Berries complete the cold refreshment as a source of vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. Our favorite combinations are Strawberry Vanilla Coconut Milk and Berry Lime Coconut Water.

Meal Prep Snacks

These healthy snacks are especially suitable for people who like to plan a lot. If you already know that the next week will be quite stressful, you can use our recipes. The sandwiches are prepare very quickly and kept for several days in the fridge so that there is always something for spontaneous hunger. Our suggestions are the broccoli balls, the zucchini pancakes and the pomegranate muffins.

Healthy Snack Substitute For Sweets

Dried fruit is a popular ingredient in granola bars or energy balls. As healthy snacks, they contain fresh fruit ingredients in concentrated form, including potassium, phosphorus, and secondary plant substances. Due to the natural content of fructose and glucose, nuts have a sweet taste and therefore are the ideal healthy snack when you crave chocolate and others. Of course, do not eat more than 40 grams a day, because 100 grams already contain about 250 kilocalories, depending on the variety.

Granola Bars: Recipes For Snacks With A Bite Is One Of The  Healthy Snacks

Sweet snacks with a bite: Whether orange-pumpkin seed, hazelnut-blueberry, plum-peanut or apricot-almond – try our muesli bar recipes…