Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

Do Sit Ups! Is One Of The Fitness Tips

Yes, exactly, you read that right! We are campaigning for the revival of this wrongly ostracized practice. If you do sit-ups regularly, you can train your abdominal muscles even harder and more specifically. The prerequisite, however, is that you do not fix your legs. You can easily do your crunches on a fitness ball if you have back problems. Another alternative: get on the mat and place a rolled-up towel under your lumbar spine!

Run Moderately Is One Of The Fitness Tips

To avoid injury, increase the mileage on
your jog by only 10 to 15 percent each week. If you increase the running distance too quickly, you risk overuse injuries.

 Upgrade Your Cardio Is One Of The Fitness Tips

Monotony? No, thanks! Long sessions on the treadmill are not essential. If it clears your head, great, keep it. But if your time on the cardio machine drags on like bubble gum, we’ve got good news. You can also train your resistance in a much shorter time and melt the pounds. Short but intensive units like sprints, intervals, HIIT, jumping rope are suitable for this… Here you can be creative and vary from one workout to another. Use these short units, ideally at the end of your strength training, to work out again. After that, you really deserve our Recovery Aminos!

Find The Right Intensity

Not only with your cardio units, but also with your entire training you can save a lot of time and at the same time work even better on your fitness. It is much more important and effective than spending several hours in the gym so that the training is intensive. What that means depends on your fitness level. Because your warm-up can be quite an exercise for others.


To increase the intensity of your working out, you can start at different points. It also depends on what your goal is. For example, if you’re trying to increase strength, you need to increase the intensity by lifting more weight. If your focus is strength-endurance, you can increase the repetitions. We’ll also display you how to find the right intensity for your workout using the 7 training principles every trainee should know.


 Incorporate Functional Exercises Is One Of The Fitness Tips

The bicep curl and company were yesterday! Okay, that’s indeed a bit radical. Isolated exercises can make sense, but they must  use specifically. Your training should focus primarily on functional exercises that engage as many muscle groups as possible. In the foreground are squats or deadlifts.

Get In Shape Faster Is One Of The Fitness Tips

It sounds paradoxical, but it’s true: if you let your muscle groups go back to work 24 hours after intense strength training, you can shorten the recovery time needed. As long as you perform strength and endurance training at about 20 percent of your maximum strength for 2 sets of 25 reps each. Because this increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles, and all the necessary repair processes run much faster.


Under Stress

Contract your core muscles as often as possible. It is of enormous importance because it stabilizes your body, protects it from injury, and prevents uncontrolled evasive movements.


Without Pain There Is No Gain!

Of course, the top priority when training is to avoid pain. However, you must be prepare that you may not be able to avoid some slight pain at first.


Success In Sight

Learn from professional athletes and improve your performance through autosuggestion. Keep telling yourself, “I’m in great shape, I can do it!” Let particularly technically demanding exercises replay in your mind over and over again. As a runner, you mentally run the entire route again: after the easy entry, you see yourself flying over the asphalt with powerful steps, with a spontaneous intermediate sprint you show just as much endurance as at the finish line, before crossing. the finish line with joy. Timed this way, new hits will soon follow.