Fair Trade is sixth track on Drake’s 2021 folder Certified Lover Boy. The song features vocals from Travis Scott, one of Drake’s frequent collaborators. In the music, the two artists talk about their rise in the industry and how they are one step forward from everybody else in the game.


Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, due out September 3, 2021. Drake discussed the album in July; “We’re aiming for that head. We don’t want to flatter. Certified Lover Boy on the fly. And that annoys everyone.” It is his follow-up project to his 2018 album Scorpion.

The song’s goal is that all of the profits Drake has made so far have been fairly traded. He did not prevent others from being greatest by evil means. Drizzy put in the work, and it paid off. Why are there so many enemies around him?

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Meaning of Drake’s “Fair Trade” lyrics and review of the song

stanza 1

In the first verse, Drake talks about feeling younger than ever despite his 30s and 15 years in the music industry. Then, he calls on his competitors and others to get it wrong and stop impressing him.

And the land that was thrown in my name

I turned to the earth and grew up with it.

Drake has received his fair share of hate throughout his career. However, the lesson here is that he transformed all the mud thrown on the ground he grew into a flowering tree. This tree doesn’t just support Drake and his family. It feeds the whole industry and opens the doors to new artists. It’s time to recognize what Drake brought to the game.


The chorus features one of the coldest and most real lines on the album;

I lost friends and found peace.

But to be honest, it seems like a good deal to me.

It’s been said a thousand times, but nothing is more important than your inner peace. Do your best to cultivate peace within yourself. True friends don’t leave alone. So if you lose a friend on your journey, they should never be there. Shredding fake friends is a good thing.

Drake says that he continued to lose friends as he got older, and some even became enemies. But he knows his friends and his enemies better than having enemies on his side. So for him, it’s a very fair deal.

verse 2

In the second verse, Drake sings about his family matters. He realizes that not everyone likes him or even likes him. She talks to her partner about not having a stable relationship, partly because of him and partly because of hers.

Looking back, it’s hard to say where I started

Mom had a disability, but she gave me this ability.

Drake reminisces about his 2013 hit single “Started from the Bottom” with those two lines while shouting about his mother, who raised her while she passed the disability exam. He is happy to have transformed his misfortune into an absolute fortune.

In the last part of the verse, Drake seems to drop all his meat; “I don’t have a grudge in my heart, it’s maturity.” In the line above, he is addressing someone at the top. It could reference the ongoing feud with Kanye West and how Drake says he got over it.

verse 3 Fair Trade

In Travis Scott’s third verse, the rapper talks about not having the time or energy to deal with fake friends. He would rather see them come out of their den than let them feed on his palms and bite his leg.

I broke bread instead of watching niggas die it (crack it)

In this sense, Travis Scott says that he dedicated his hours to his work while others wasted their time with easy money. In the end, slow and patient wins the race. But even with all those wins, he’s still hungry and still getting paid a lot of money for it;

I am never satisfied. Two million per event, I receive them frequently.

The music industry is war, and everything is fair trade with love and war.

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