Midday Slump -Do you want to know how to beat the midday blues, and is it hard to stay focused for eight straight 8 hours? So let us see down below how can we find energy for 8 hours. How do you pick those precious moments when you think you feel your best to do the hardest work? And how do you best overcome the breaks?

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What The Experts Say

“It’s just unrealistic to expect to be active all day,” says Carson Tate, author of Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Productivity Style. “Just as you wouldn’t expect to walk at a brisk pace for eight hours, you shouldn’t expect to be focused or thinking strategically for that time,” says Tate. To make matters worse, few of us get enough sleep. About a third of the time Americans come to work with less than 6 hours of sleep. “It’s just not good enough,” says Christopher Barnes, an assistant professor of management at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. “And the effects can be very harmful to their work.” Here are strategies to feel more energetic throughout the day.

Match Your Tasks To Your Energy To Avoid Midday Slump

“There are some great windows for making your work more creative and focused,” says Barnes. Most people are best in the mid-morning and late afternoon. You can fit your circadian rhythm into your schedule by organizing your to-do list around these peaks and valleys. Tate recommends doing “any kind of very detailed work” such as: B. Writing, making big decisions, or programming techniques during high-energy hours. During breaks, you can focus on tasks that don’t require much concentration: cleaning up your inbox, filling out expense reports, or returning calls. “Then you have to do things that feel like muscle memory work,” she says.

Get Up And Move To Avoid Midday Slump

Any type of physical exercise will temporarily increase your alertness and energy levels. “Just do 10 minutes and the energy and focus will be a lot stronger afterwards,” says Tate. For example, you can take a brisk walk around the block, run up and down stairs, do some jumping jacks or push-ups, or just stretch at your desk. The key is just moving, which circulates oxygen and helps your body and mind overcome fatigue. Have a meeting planned? Instead, take your colleague for a walk. And make a conscious effort to integrate exercise into your weekly schedule. “If you exercise regularly,” Barnes says, ” your chronic energy levels will be higher.”

Meditate At Your Desk  To Avoid Midday Slump

Steve Jobs swore by it. Ray Dali, head of $165 billion hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, says it makes him feel like “a ninja in battle.” your secret weapon? Meditation. “Mindfulness practices are a great way to engage with recovery daily,” says Barnes. Research suggests that just a few minutes of meditation can reduce stress and improve focus and concentration in a tired brain. “It’s a resting phase that allows people to let go of some of the fear drains their energy the most,” Barnes says. Breathing “seems so easy,” says Tate. But “five to seven deep abdominal breaths give us a lot more oxygen, which will give you a boost.”

Avoid Addiction To Caffeine To Avoid Midday Slump

Drinking coffee often seems to mitigate the effects of a midday bath. “But it doesn’t give you more energy,” says Barnes. “All it does is mask the effects of your lack of energy” by blocking a chemical telling your body that you’re tired. And while it may work for a while, like any drug, caffeine soon begins to produce diminishing returns. “The more dependent you are, the less benefit you have and the more you need to get back to your normal level,” says Barnes. He recommends using caffeine infrequently and strategically to feel energized, e.g. B. before a big monthly meeting or if you slept particularly badly. “Don’t get in the convention of going out for coffee at 3 a.m.,” he says.

Listen To Music To Avoid Midday Slump

“Music is a great way to awaken or calm down,” says Tate. Just as you use music to fuel you while you work out, “you can do the same thing before your 3 p.m. presentation,” she says. The type of music that works best varies from person to person: while a fast beat can get one person moving and energized, a relaxed beat can help someone else clear their head and focus. Tate has a penchant for wordless instruments, which she says “really help me get past cognitive pauses.”

To Remember Principles

Do: To Avoid Midday Slump

Meditate or do living exercises when you feel your energy draining.

Set the device aside an hour before bedtime and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly.

Use music to motivate and energize.

Do Not:

Do important or creative tasks during breaks; Save them for rush hour.

Sit at your desk all day: take short walks, stretch, or do gymnastics for short-term energy boosts.

Depends on the coffee to while away the afternoon.

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