Alright, this might seem like a very silly question. Of course, whether you are a physician or not, making more money is going to often make you feel better about your career. You will want to work harder and will likely suffer less from burnout. However, it makes sense to delve a bit deeper into why a higher salary has an impact on how well you do your job.

Here are some of the reasons why understanding why you love or hate your job can come down to your salary!

1.   Being Paid What You Are Worth Feels Good!

For starters, we’ve all had those crappy jobs where we have been paid less than what we should have made, and have been overworked to boot. Those jobs probably were not very fun to do, and they also burnt you out. There’s something about seeing a small paycheck after a very long day of overwork that just drives you crazy.

But whenever you have a good salary that keeps the lights on and grows with you and your skills, you feel better about yourself and your work. You want to learn more and improve yourself, and you want to go above and beyond to become better. If you’ve got a good neurologist salary to work with, then you will push to become the best that there ever was in hopes that you can get paid more.Being Paid What You Are Worth Feels Good

2. A Good Salary Gives You Time To Do More Than Just Work

If you have had to work one job that did not pay you what you were worth or you had to work multiple jobs just to keep food on the table, then you were probably always working. Having to constantly stress, skimp, and save for every single penny is a massive weight on everyone’s shoulders.

However, if you are in a career that is paying you a fair amount for the hours you work, you can actually take some time off and be okay. A physician is almost always going to be busy, but if you have family or friends or hobbies that you want to work on spending more time with, you will have more time if you are paid what you are worth.

3. Less Stress About Money Means Better Mental Health

Finally, the less that you need to worry about all of the money woes that come with not having a high-paying salary, the better your mental health will be. Thinking about all of your money issues as you deal with patients and all the other demands of your work is only going to make it harder for you to focus on that work.


If you aren’t worried about your money problems, you will find that the risk of mental health issues drops. So if you are having a lot of problems with your mental health, you should focus on getting a physician career where you are getting paid more. Because if you do good work, people are going to recognize it!