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Jonathan Shieber TechCrunch

Jonathan Shieber TechCrunch – Jon is a climate editor at TechCrunch and also one of the best famous personalities of TechCrunch, who has elaborated the proper perspective of the organization innovatively in his writings. Jonathan worked as a senior reporter for Dow Jones & Co., covering venture capital and investments from New York and other places.

The fantastic and clear factual writings of Jonathan Shieber, including from climate to crypto, can seen on his forum TechCrunch. Furthermore, the elucidation about the writer and the interviewer Jonathan Shieber’s that he is an iconic American looking further for potential roles.

Climate Editor Shieber Departing TechCrunch

Climate Editor Shieber Departing TechCrunch

Jonathan Shieber, the climate editor, is leaving the news organization TechCrunch. This news has been erratic for the social media platform and all the concerns of Jonathan Shieber.

Jonathan posted on social media to keep writing and doing things around the tech, politics, and culture confronting our climate emergency.

The main reason behind taking this step was to get more focus in new companies. Whereas, financing being put behind renewables, ecological innovation, and green organizations.

As per the information gathered from the source

Shieber has been with TechCrunch since January 2014. He recently functioned as a correspondent covering funding and personal value interest in the U.S. what’s more, China at Dow Jones and Co. with work distributed in Dow Jones Newswires and The Money Road Diary.

Interview With Jonathan Shieber

Interview With Jonathan Shieber


In one interview with Shieber, he expressed not being called best person to opine on any things concerning his writings. But moreover, he gave the best to the knowledge he got concerning the articles he has written for.

One of the questions asked by Jonathan that, as a senior TechCrunch- what advice will you give to a person who wants an article to get published in TechCrunch? Jonathan, by answering him speaks that touched on this as a panel as he said –Be concise, describe the pain point that the company’s technology can solve, and then mention the same news in one sentence.

He also advised talking about the potentiality of the market opportunity and research. But, according to him TechCrunch not affiliated with any accelerator or incubator. Instead, a fund was enacted as a first and significant source for organization’s start-up.

Jonathan Shieber Footprint Coalition

Jonathan Shieber Footprint Coalition

Jonathan Shieber is a chief editor and venture partner in the footprint coalition. Jon has spent the best time of the past 20 years writing about technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital investment. Furthermore, his secondary focus was climate and cleantech information. Therefore, before joining organization of Footprint Coalition. Shieber has worked as Los Angeles-based climate editor for TechCrunch.

And also his works, including in the Wall Street Journal covering as a reporter. As per the information gathered from the source

TechCrunch’s Jon Shieber Will Be Present at Marvel Tech Showdown

TechCrunch's Jon Shieber Will Be Present at Marvel Tech Showdown

Yes, the announcement has made – TechCrunch’s Jon Shieber Will Present at Marvel Tech Showdown. And was dated on July 28th. And also he will be a part of the judges at showdown, a pitch event organized by a Lagos-based online agency.

Henceforth, in a declaration made accessible to TechCabal, the event’s goal is explained to bring the Nigerian business person local area together and make a positive buzz around Nigeria’s tech business venture. Therefore, the event is taking applications from new businesses who need to pitch at the event.

The writer’s presence was an honor for the event organizers, as said by the team in an interview. However, this clearly shows that it’s about the dignity and respect. Which Jon got for his immense hard work and efficiency through his writings.

Therefore, the reports also say that in the event, selected companies will have exactly 120 seconds to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges, including TechCrunch editor Jon Shieber.”

Furthermore, Other judges are Coulterville founder Bola Akindele, Funke Opeke of MainOne. And iROKO partners Bastian Gotter, Chika Nwobi, Toye Akindele, and Tokunbo Ogun, Marvel Web founder.


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