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share market write for us

Share Market Write for Us – It is a collection of markets where stocks are purchased and at the same time being sold. Moreover it allows companies to raise money by selling up their shares to the public and allows business investors to buy and sell shares in those companies.

What is a share?

A company’s capital is divided into small equal units of a finite number. Each unit is known as a share. In simple words a share is a percentage of ownership in the company’s financial asset.

Types of Share Market

In General the basic 4 types of Share Market are:

Primary Share Market

In this type of Share market the company first register themselves by furnishing details about itself and about the stock value that it want to issue with the main objective to raise capital and this process is known as listing.

Secondary Share Market

In Secondary Market the company is listed and it stocks are issued. It means the trading has been started in the secondary market. As this the market place for investors to come and transact on the shares purchasing and selling out process.

Equity Share Market

In Equity Share Market stocks are exchanged with the purchasers by the process known as a bid cost. And the request is executed, for the most part by a dealer, at an arranged cost by the merchants on the lookout. The purchaser settles up the whole amount of the stocks, an estimation showed up at by considering the all-out number of stocks duplicated by the continuous offer cost.

Derivative market

Derivative market approaches trading as primarily through two instruments – The Furniture Contract and Option Contract. In both the cases, stocks share are purchased and sold with a great profit. To deal with this type of market the party must use one of the option to utilize the facilities.

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