Mystic Nails

Mystic Nails Salon & Spa is the best place to go for nail services. We are committed to bringing top-of-the-line products combined with expert techniques to the nail salon industry at an affordable price. Nails, Pedicures, Manicures, Dipping Powder, and Waxing are among our specialties.

User Guide Of Mystic NailsUser Guide Of Mystic Nails

This tutorial will show you how to utilize Mystic Nail Form Salon correctly. To begin, remove the paper off the back of the nail form you want to use. Next, remove the inner layer, particularly the perforated center. You can toss it in the trash because you won’t need it. Because this paper keeps its shape thoroughly after bending, it should not be used under the nail form.

I next break apart the perforation at the top and turn the nail form with a bending rod until it remain correctly curved. You can also use a rolling motion to mold the nail form into a perfect shape. You can see the nail form holding its shape perfectly, thanks to the unique, strengthened fibers in the paper. After getting the ideal condition, we can remove the report from the back.

What Are The Use Of Mystic Nails?

This stopped the nail form from catching dirt and other things. This way, the nail form will stick perfectly. It will not be dirty, dusty, or greasy. Now we apply the nail form. We never put on the nail form under the nail when it is straight, but when it remain curved. This way, you can see where you have to cut from so that the form fits perfectly. I have to cut from here, now. The nail form does not provide the corner point well on one side.

That is wherefore I cut from the situation length and one of its sides, too, since the corner-point of this nail remains lower than on the other side. So, I have to cut from the nail form, where it gets stuck, and when I cannot apply the nail form properly under the free edge. Then, you can see when I use it that the nail form fits perfectly.

I will now fasten the nail form, but only at its length. I do this because its adhesion is excellent, and I would like to cut at the corner points, at the yellow lines here, to get a beautiful narrow shape, to build a beautiful nail. It will cut out this small flap because I won’t need it. I do the same on the other side.

What If The Nail Form Is Too Tight Or Sticky?

If the nail form is too tight, you can cut it, too, but it is much more complicated because it sticks to the fingertip too much. I now fasten the nail form under the finger pad, then under the fingertip, and the nail form remain applied perfectly. It holds well when the skin is a different color; first, it is a little yellowish, then reddish. It is because the nail form has strong and very stable. The corner points fit the free-edge perfectly The nail form’s shape is perfect and is ready for building nails.


Is SNS better than gel or acrylic for my nails? There is little evidence to suggest that SNS is better or worse for your nails than gel polish, hard gel, or acrylic. The application and removal processes, rather than the product itself, cause damage to your natural nails.

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