Turkish Agate- Hi peep, welcome back to my blog. Today’s article is all about Turkish agate. Yes, it is a precious stone from Turkish that comes in all colors, shapes, and forms. It has varieties of design-build by self. Looks so beautiful and comes at all prices from low to high

Turkish Agate

Turkish Stick Agate is an interesting paedomorphic agate from Turkey with various intriguing patterns and colors. Turkish agates are available in different types. A special feature of the Turkish agates is the needle-like tubes that form something like pointed rods in the stone, which is why it can be called needle agate.

Experienced rock collectors will keep in mind what a particular agate looks like or what a body of agates with that name represents. For example, when I say Lake Superior Agate to most people, I might think of a red and white banded agate, but we know there are many types of Lakers.

When we say stab agate, you can expect needle-like structures in clear quartz agate, but there are many types of Turkish stab agate, even from the same mines. I thought you might like to see these examples, which are very different. Another perfect piece can be on mindat.org.

Some Questions Raised

Just aside, folks. This raises an important question; Can you gouge out an eye with a stick agate? My mother had four children, and unlike today’s children, we played OUTSIDE a lot. It wasn’t uncommon for her to yell at us for doing stupid things. “Don’t walk with that stick; you could gouge your eye out.” Growing up (maybe), I realized that it was impossible to “gouge out your eye” while walking with a stick. All you can do is point your eye at it. The only way to gouge out a look is to stick the bar up to your nose, and then you could theoretically “gouge your eye out” Now, back to our usual routine…

Pseudomorph Of Turkish Agate

A Mineral That Has The Characteristic External Shape Of Another Species:

Good examples from the mineral world are pretty common in surrogate fossils, where minerals replace wood, for example; They often look like wood, with patterns, bark, and even branches. Another good example is the fossilized dinosaur bone, where you can see each cell (each cell is a single agate). Here are some examples of Turkish agate.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Dinu Ring For Men Onyx Stone Ring Turkish Agate Handmade Silver Blue Agate Luxury Vintage Ateeq Ring


【925 Sterling Silver Ring】: This agate ring is made of genuine 925 Sterling Silver, Hallmarked 925, Nickel Free, Lead-Free, 100% Safe for Sensitive Skin, Tarnish Resistant, and will not fade or rust; Available in US sizes: 8/9/10/11/12/13. Weight: 9 grams with the stone.

【Agate Stone Ring】: This Turkish silver ring for men has accurate natural agate stone dimensions of 13mm x 18mm. Agate is suitable as jewelry for daily wear; it can calm the mind and replenish energy, and improve the wearer’s sleep quality.

【Design】: Made by traditional Turkish silver casting method, the unique oriental style designer men’s ring features an engraved oriental design; the center is an agate gemstone with slight blue cubic zirconia on it the sides.

【Ideal Gift】: This agate ring is ideal for any occasion. Perfect Gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day for Boyfriend; Father’s Day Gift for Dad and Husband, Mother’s Day Gift for Mom and Wife, comes with a jewelry gift bag.

【Buy with Confidence】: We promise real sterling silver rings, 100% satisfaction, and a money-back guarantee. If you have any enquiries, you  connect with us at any time. We will do our best to resolve your issue or issue a full refund.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring For Men Turkish Onyx Stone Ring Handmade Turkish Agate Silver Vintage Luxury Ring For Men


【SOLID 925 STERLING SILVER】: This agate ring is made of 92.5% pure silver mixed with alloys to increase hardness and durability (stamped 925 or S925), will not rust or fade, is skin-friendly, it is non-allergic. Our jewelry products are tarnish-free, nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, which will not harm your health. Tarnish-resistant and not easy to alter the color.

【Agate Stone Rings】 – High-Quality Natural Agate Stone Rings, Agate | Color: Blue, Black Red | Finish: glossy, electroplated, and tinted | Style: Fashion, Formal, Delicate, Vintage

【BEST GIFT】- This beautifully wrapped onyx stone ring for men is the best gift for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Graduation gifts, Father’s Day, Boyfriend, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Son, and your best friend. Gift for her friend’s birthday. , birthday gifts for boyfriend, wife, husband, gifts, etc.

【DESIGN】 – Made using the traditional Turkish silver casting method. Cool Fashion Men’s Unique Eastern Style Designer Ring For men or women, the size comes with standard US size 8,9,10,11,12.

【NOTE ATTENTION】 – Agate rings are used from natural gemstones. Therefore, each round will have a texture and color variation that may vary from the image.

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