Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes – Do you ever wonder why your ads keep getting rejected or are more expensive than they should be? This article will show you the biggest mistakes that advertisers are making right now and how you can correct these mistakes immediately in your own ads account.

We have seen it all when it comes to mistakes. So I’m going to show you the most obvious mistakes people are making and some things that are pretty recent and impacting ad accounts everywhere. And at the end, I’m going to share an extensive list of words to avoid right now on Facebook. So it will make your ads more effective and less expensive.

1 . Selecting The Wrong Ad Objective

People’s first big mistake is running traffic ads when they want conversions from people. So let’s talk about what Facebook knows about us. They know our history of clicking on things and if we’re likely to convert or not. If you, as the advertiser, want people who have his account providing their email address their phone number, you’re going to want to be running conversion ads, not traffic ads.

Traffic ads are meant for people who have a history of clicking on things but maybe not taking action. So traffic ads can be very well suited when running ads to a podcast or perhaps even your most recent blog posts.

2 . Should You Boost Your Posts?

The second big mistake that people are making is running boosted posts and thinking they will get a lot of conversions. Instead, you’re going to realize a lot of engagement on the post, but not necessarily many people leaving the platform.

Going to your landing pages and doing what it is, you hope they’ll do. So save your boosted posts for those times when you want to increase the engagement on your post, but you want the majority of your ad’s budget to go towards conversion ads.

3 . Unspoken Rules of Copywriting

the following big mistakes that advertisers are making. And I’m going to put this all into a category called the unspoken rules of copywriting. Now, let me start this section with a great quote from Harvard Business Review. They said there is a fine line between creepy and delightful when it comes to ad personalization. And if you take that to heart, you’re going to understand that Facebook wants relevant ads but not targeted ones.

The next big mistake that advertisers make in their copywriting remains using many of the words you and your. While it works very well in your email marketing, the algorithm does not favor ads full of these words. If I were running ads and said, do you want to scale your business with ads? A better way to do this would be to reframe it and tell the fastest growing companies are scaling with ads. Click here to learn more. So do you see the subtle difference there? When you scale back you, and you’re, it will most likely make a big difference in your success rate. Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes

4. Sensitivity of Niches

The next big mistake that advertisers make is not understanding the sensitivities of Facebook around their niches. Some susceptible industries and niches would include money, health, relationships, et cetera. For example, maybe you are a franchisor looking for new store owners for your frozen yogurt shop. The mistake would be saying something like.

You can earn an extra $10,000 a month with our franchise. Whenever you put specific numbers in your ads, that will get you in trouble on Facebook. A better ad might say, learn how our franchisees build incredible businesses with our frozen yogurt stores. You’re just scaling it back just a little bit, not making big promises, not mentioning specific numbers. Another sensitive niche on Facebook is health. So when you are talking about people’s health, you want to be very careful that you’re not calling people out or making them feel bad.

So if your ad were to say something like, lose altogether of that fat, get rid of those extra five pounds. That’s not what Facebook wants people to come away with. I would reframe that ad and say something like, feel fit and fabulous in 10 minutes a day. That’s going to be a much more effective angle for the algorithm. Another sensitive area on Facebook is relationships. Avoid talking about how individuals might feel lonely or disconnected.


I want to give you a list of words that I have found to create the most trouble with Facebook and Instagram ads. If you’re starting to notice that your ads are just not doing very well, and you do have some of these words in your ad copy, I want you to experiment with removing them and see if it improves your situation. Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes

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