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Pokemon- In addition to the usual trading options available to all players from level 10, there are also unique trades. It is only available to trainer pairs that have a high or better friendship level with each other. Here are all the specifics you need to know:


  • A specific Trade is unlocked at Higher Friendship or Higher Friendship levels
  • Particular professions include Legendary, Shiny, and Pokémon, which none of the trainers has caught yet.
  • The Special Trade costs 40,000 Stardust per trade and is limited to one job per day
  • Pokémon GO Trade Events

Since adding trading to Pokémon’s GO, Niantic has held several trading events. These usually occur every few months and often include bonuses for trading a certain number of Pokémon. Unfortunately, nothing is in the books for the rest of the year, but we’ll update this page with important information as we receive it.

Thanks to a recent update, Lucky Pokemons is now available in Pokemons GO. Unfortunately, you can only get them through trade. Check out our Pokémon GO Lucky Pokémon guide for more information.

Friends and Gifts

In addition to adding trades to Pokemon GO, Niantic has also added friends and gifts. Visit our Pokémon GO friends guide to find out how to add friends, and be sure to crisscross our Pokémon GO gifts guide for more details on how skills work in-game. It would also be helpful to check out our Pokemon GO Eve guide. For tips on how to evolve Eve in Pokemon GO. To find out how to get Celebes in Pokémon GO, check out our Pokémon GO Celebes guide.

You’ve probably heard of Shiny Pokemon, but did you know Lucky Pokemon are included? Pokemon GO? Happy Pokemon are very different from Shiny Pokemon, and this guide will show you what they are and how you can quickly get one.

What are Random Pokemon?

Lucky Pokemon are particular types of Pokemon that you can only get by exchange with your friends. Once you’ve added support to your friend list in Pokémon GO, you can trade Pokémon with them. There is a chance that you will get lucky if you sell a Pokemon. A Lucky Pokemon is a Pokemon that requires 50% less Stardust to evolve. Depending on the evolution of the traded Pokémon, a lucky Pokémon can save you a lot of Stardust.

How to Get a Lucky Pokemon

how to get a Lucky Pokemon

As mentioned above, the one way to get a happy Pokémon is to trade. Unfortunately, no specific events or bonuses increase Pokemons luck rates, so it’s all up to your trade luck. However, there is a reliable way to get a lucky Pokémon. You become the best friend when you’ve been friends with someone long enough and made several trades. The first trade with a new best friend will always produce a happy Pokemons.

You are also getting a lucky Pokémon increases when the Pokémon is caught. For example, if you saw a Pokemon in 2018, its chances of fetching a Lucky Pokemons are much higher than a Pokemons fixed in 2022. So if you have a rare Pokemons you want to trade, keep it to increase your chances of becoming lucky.

More About Pokemon

Whether you’ve been stuck with a rare Pokemons for a while or become someone’s best friend, the Pokemons you want to prioritize as your random Pokemons is shiny. Shiny Pokemon can also transform into Lucky Pokemons, and this rare combo is something you’ll want to secure if you can.

And that’s all you need to see about Lucky Pokémon in Pokémon GO. If you’re curious about upcoming events, new raids, or other valuable tips and tricks on some of the more in-depth Pokémon GO techniques, check out our Pokémon GO guides. We have provided you with all of this and more. Good luck, trainers!