Introduction – Why do we bathe/ shower? Is it beneficial to us? Does bathing hold any impact on mental health along with physical health? Answers to all these queries will help you select your preferred bath water – hot or cold. Let’s start with the fundamentals.


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Why do Need a Bath?

Why do Need a Bath?


Bath is to wash off. Now why do we need to wash ourselves? As we know, humans are made up of a combination of complex systems, all performing their duties. They all require energy in some form or the other. The human excretory system is composed of many ways, one of which is sweating. Now the first thing is that sweating creates odour (primarily foul), and the second is the cells are cycling continuously, i.e.,  old cells die, and new ones are born.

These dead cells accumulate on the skin and cause many skin conditions, viz-a-viz eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis etc., to get rid of all these dirt, sweat, grime and impurities. All these fantastic mechanisms are held altogether by our skin, which consists of many cells and sweat glands. We need to take a shower.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Bath

Benefits of Hot and Cold Bath

How would you choose your preferable shower water condition? By comparing the benefits of hot and cold baths, you can select your ideal bath.

Benefits Cold Shower

Benefits Cold Shower

Boosts immunity and improves mental health

Cold water is often responsible for stimulating the production of noradrenaline and beta-endorphins. Some electrical impulses are sent from our nerve endings to our brains when we take a cold bath, and this chemical reaction may have a surprising  effect on some individuals. Taking a cold bath may keep you from catching a cold by strengthening your immune system and making you more resistant to illness.

It helps to keep skin hydrated and hair shiny

When we take a hot bath, our pores open, but cold showers constrict the pores, which can temporarily tighten them and help you prevent the loss of natural oils in hair and skin. Individuals vulnerable to dry and flaky skin and brittle hair should often opt for cold showers.

Good circulation

You might have observed that your body goes into defensive mode when there is a temperature drop, and you tend to have an increased heart rate. Same way, during cold showers, the heart rate is automatically increased, leading to improvement in overall blood circulation.

This increased circulation is always beneficial for the well-being of your skin. Cold showers early in the morning are the best ways a person can start their day as it gives an instant energy boost and can also help you develop a routine.

Now would you dare to turn the nozzle the other way to experience a breathtaking shower when your body is least expecting it?

Benefits of Hot Showers

Benefits of Hot Showers

After a long tiring day, you may crave to run home and take an excellent relaxing warm shower. It not only helps to relax your body and mind, but it also has some skin and health benefits. Read to know.

It helps to sleep better

Regularly taking hot showers before sleep can help alleviate stress and induce a better quality of sleep. After getting exhausted, your muscles all need to relax. Jumping into a hot shower can help your body and mind relax to get better sleep. Research shows that taking hot showers a couple of hours before sleeping can induce better sleep than usual. It can also help you get rid of all the dirt and impurities before hopping onto the bed, the same as brushing your teeth before sleeping.

Skin benefits

Hot showers open up the pores, which has two main benefits. First will be the deep cleaning of the grime and sebum, and second will be hydration, as open pores can retain more moisture and keep your skin hydrated for a long time.

Burn some calories

Although hot showers are never an alternative to shedding weight, they can help burn some calories and relax the body. Remember staying in hot water for too long can cause burns and heat stroke.

How to choose your shower?

It is not rocket science. Just use simple understanding

Cold showers – can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, lower stress levels,  improve circulation, and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

Hot showers – can soothe stiff joints, improve cardiovascular health, and improves the quality of sleep.


If you got some pains and allergies, go for a warm shower in the morning to regain mobility. If you have a busy working day, boost yourself with a daring cold shower. Who can understand the body’s needs better than the person himself?

Remember, everything turns terrible when it exceeds the limit. Be sure to be careful of choosing the temperatures, preferably not too hot or not too cold.