Turtle Beach  Elite 800 Wireless Headphone

Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800 Wireless

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless – In light of its dull plan and by and considerable absence of elements, the Turtle Ocean side’s item setup used to be frequently scrutinized by gamers. Be that as it may, the Ear Power First class 800 has switched things up for the organization. This remote gaming headset has acquired monstrous prominence because of its excellent form quality and a few highlights not, for the most part, found in Turtle Ocean side’s headsets.

Be that as it may, is the Turtle Ocean side Tip top 800 remote earphone worth the effort? Here is our top to bottom survey to assist you with sorting that out.

The World class 800 is a top-notch remote earphone reasonable for both in-home use and keeping in mind that you’re in a hurry. While it is a gaming headset, you can interface it to your telephones and other remote gadgets with Bluetooth 4.0. Besides, double matching allows you to interface it to two devices simultaneously. For gaming on your PC, PS4, and PS4, you can associate the joined transmitter and charging dock and direct the sound to the World class 800.

 More About Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless

The headset accompanies a scope of elements you’d anticipate from a remote earphone here. These highlights incorporate dynamic commotion retraction (particularly useful if you frequently think carefully in a noisy region), programmable sound presets for specific games, emotional talk help (so you can hear your partners over the game’s sound), and 7.1 encompass sound.

And surprisingly, however, it’s not quite classy as other remote earphones accessible in the market today; it is satisfactorily jazzy as a gaming headset. Furthermore, it includes a decent padding plan, significantly improving the organization’s past projects.

Similarly, as with all remote gaming headsets, there are a few issues with the Power Tip top 800. For example, the battery duration is concise, and the ear cups highlight many simple buttons to squeeze in any event when you don’t plan to. The most significant disadvantage is that you can’t utilize it with the Xbox except if you purchase a connector independently.

Initial Reviews Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless

From the outset, you’ll concur that the earphone’s vibe and look and its great form legitimize the excessive cost tag. Also, you can’t overlook that they’re somewhat cumbersome and weighty, yet that is the same old thing for Turtle Ocean side headsets. Yet, despite that, they’re not awkward to wear by any stretch of the imagination. Turtle Ocean side First class

The ear cups include agreeable cowhide pads, and since the headset is retractable, you can find a decent, friendly fit without any problem. Furthermore, since they’re over-the-ear earphones, your ears don’t need to carry much weight.

The attractive charging station is likewise beneficial and removes the problem of managing wires.

Design And Build Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless

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The earphone’s assembly quality is honorable. The cowhide earcups and the actual edge are made with excellent, durable materials. The ear cup plates are also inconsistent so you can track down various ones from the authority store. The charging base is likewise stable, and the magnets work effectively to keep the earphone set up while charging.

Moreover, His ear cups highlight a lot of buttons for changing various settings like the volume, mouthpiece, clamor dropping, sound presets, and quiet. The buttons are profoundly delicate and effectively give you the ideal outcome; notwithstanding, the high awareness implies that you wind up squeezing the controls in any event, when you don’t mean to.

While the Ear Power World class 800 is perfect for both medium and little measured heads, those with a more oversized chair could find it somewhat awkward on the off chance that they wear it for a more extended time frame. Furthermore, despite being very cumbersome, they look smooth once you put them on.

Features Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless

Unlike past Turtle Ocean side models, the World class 800 brags many highlights that make it stand apart from different models in the setup.

One of the most striking highlights is the dynamic clamor undoing highlight. Even though it’s not awesome out there, it makes a respectable showing of muffling outer sounds. similar to the sound of individuals in a metro. Also, the DTS Encompass Sound 7.1 innovation guarantees incredible sound.

Because of Bluetooth matching, you get a more steady association, and you can also involve the headset for calls! Nonetheless, the battery duration isn’t excessively noteworthy.

Moreover, The implicit receiver is additionally of good quality. It finishes the work, yet it probably won’t have the option to convey your voice that well, mainly since changing the mic’s position is unimaginable.

The reach is additionally sufficient at around 12-15 feet. Yet that likewise relies upon the quantity in the middle between the headset and the transmitter.

Moreover, you can keep utilizing these earphones regardless of whether the battery passes on by associating them to the 3.5mm link that comes remembered for the container.

Sound Volts of Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless

As you would anticipate from a headset costing this much, the sound is very significant. Particularly with consoles like the PS3 and PS4. They encompass sound works and commit to a vivid gaming experience.

Another remarkable element is the various sound presets you can use to utilize the Ear Power Center from your tablet or cell phone (Android, as it were). Moreover, It is not difficult to spin through various sound capabilities relying upon what you’re doing. Playing a game, watching a film, or simply paying attention to your main tunes.

Moreover, these modes additionally give more sound choices with the goal that you can completely tailor your hearing experience. In addition, the bass is impressive, and you can separate between the ups and the downs.


Notwithstanding its inadequacies, the Ear Power First class 800 from Turtle Oceanside is a superb gaming headset. Moreover, though the battery duration isn’t that long, different elements like the dynamic clamor wiping out, mic observing, and DTS encompass sound legitimize the sticker price.

With everything taken into account. if you don’t anticipate involving it for more than a couple of hours daily and don’t anticipate utilizing it with the Xbox. Then, at that point, we fail to understand why you shouldn’t get this headset!

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