True Beauty 1 Bölüm Türkçe Altyazılı Full Izle Sezonlukdizi

true beauty 1 bölüm türkçe altyazılı full izle sezonlukdizi – “True Beauty” is a popular South Korean television drama series that aired from December 2020 to February 2021. It is based on a webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi. The drama combines romance, comedy, and coming-of-age themes, focusing on self-acceptance and inner beauty.


True Beauty” follows the story of Lim Ju-Kyung, a high school student with exceptional makeup skills. However, she hides her true appearance behind layers of makeup due to her insecurities about her natural looks. After transferring to a new school, she encounters Lee Su-ho, a popular and intelligent student with emotional wounds. Through a series of events, ju-kyung’s secret is revealed to Su-ho and their classmate Han Seo-jun, a popular student. As they grow closer, they navigate the complexities of relationships, friendships, and self-acceptance.

Main Characters in True Beauty Drama Series

  1. Lim Ju-Kyung (played by Moon Ga-young): The protagonist of the story, she is a talented makeup artist who transforms her appearance with makeup to hide her insecurities.
  2. Lee Su-ho (played by Cha Eun-woo): A popular and intelligent student who develops feelings for Ju-Kyung after discovering her true appearance.
  3. Han Seo-jun (played by Hwang In-yeop): Another popular student who becomes friends with Ju-Kyung and develops a complicated relationship with her.
  4. Kang Su-jin (played by Park Yoo-na): Ju-kyung’s best friend, who supports her throughout her journey.
  5. Lim Hee-Kyung (played by Im Se-mi): Ju-kyung’s older sister, an aspiring actress, provides guidance to Ju-Kyung.

The Theme of True Beauty Season 1

  • Beauty Standards: The drama explores societal beauty standards and individuals’ pressure to conform to them. It highlights the importance of embracing one’s natural beauty and self-acceptance.
  • Bullying and Acceptance: The story addresses the issue of physical and emotional bullying and focuses on the power of acceptance and understanding.
  • Friendship and Relationships: “True Beauty” delves into the complexities of friendships and relationships, exploring themes of trust, loyalty, and love.
  • Identity and Self-Discovery: The drama’s characters go through self-discovery journeys, learning to accept themselves and find their true identities beyond physical appearances.

Why is True Beauty So Popular?

True beauty is often highly valued and popular. Moreover, because it possesses qualities that resonate with people deeply. Here are some reasons why true beauty tends to be popular:

Aesthetics: True beauty is visually appealing and harmonious. Humans are naturally drawn to symmetry, However, it balance pleasing proportions. When something or someone exhibits these qualities, they catch our attention and evoke positive emotions.

Cultural Influence: Societal beauty standards play a significant role in shaping our perceptions. Moreover, Media, fashion, advertising, and other cultural factors often influence these standards. When someone embodies these ideals, they are often seen as attractive and desirable, leading to popularity.

Psychological Factors: Humans are wired to attracted to beauty. However, It is an evolutionary trait that has developed over time. Beauty is associated with health, fertility, and genetic fitness, making it an instinctual preference for many individuals.

Additional Reasons of Popularity

Social Perception: Society often equates physical attractiveness with positive traits like confidence, success, and likability. This perception can lead to social advantages, such as more attention, opportunities, and admiration from others. Consequently, individuals who possess true beauty may garner popularity due to these positive associations.

Emotional Appeal: True beauty has the power to evoke emotions in others. It can inspire awe, admiration, and a sense of pleasure. People are naturally drawn to experience and individuals that evoke positive emotions, contributing to true beauty’s popularity.

Aspirational Value: True beauty is often seen as an ideal many aspire to achieve or possess. However, it represents an image of perfection, which can motivate individuals to pursue self-improvement or invest in products and services associated with beauty.

Henceforth, It is important to note that true beauty is subjective and can vary across cultures and individuals. While external appearance is one aspect, beauty can also encompass inner qualities such as kindness, intelligence, and character. Ultimately, the popularity of true beauty is a complex interplay of various psychological, cultural, and societal factors.


Additionally, “True Beauty” gained significant popularity both domestically and internationally. It garnered praise for its engaging storyline, relatable characters, and skillful performances by the cast. The drama also generated a dedicated fan base and sparked discussions about beauty standards and self-esteem.

Note: Moreover, as of my knowledge cut off in September 2021, there may have been subsequent developments or announcements regarding “True Beauty” that I am unaware of.