Surprising Sleep Tips- Sleeping better nowadays is a serious problem because of the hectic days and stressed life. Moreover, using gadgets by children late at night won’t let them sleep on time . So, to sleep better, you need to know a few tricks that you should follow.

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Surprising Sleep Tips

1- Do Not Drink Coffee Or Tea In The Afternoon Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips

To sleep well, you should avoid stimulants early in the morning: the last coffee after lunch, no tea, and even cola after 4 p.m.

2- Do Not Exercise At Night Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips

Physical exercises wake up your muscles and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

3- Taking A Hot Bath Is A Bad Idea To Get A Good Night’s Sleep is one of the Surprising Sleep Tips

Our body lowers its internal temperature to program itself to sleep; it’s a warm bath (maximum 37°) that calms you down.

4- Stop The Screens At Least An Hour Before Bed Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips


The TV, the computer, and the smartphone emit a fascinating blue light close to daylight: avoid exposing yourself to it at night! Sleep Day 2016 had new technologies on the theme.

Your sleeping environment: the ideal bedroom for a restful sleep

5- Keep A Cool Temperature In Your Room

To help our body reduce its internal temperature and prepare for sleep, make sure you stay below 18-19° in your room, which is also properly ventilated.

6- There Is No Computer Or TV In The Room! Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips

No screens because of the blue light, no “wake-up activity”: no thrillers, no video games, but don’t worry about your bills or the next day’s show. Instead, a small soothing ritual (infusions, make-up removal) eases the transition to sleep before bed.

7- Daylight Exposure

Sun exposure triggers a solid physiological response that puts our brain on high alert, while lack of light leads to fatigue. So, ideally, get as much fresh air and natural light as possible during the day, especially in the mornings.

8-Light Dinner Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips

Treat yourself to a good breakfast and lunch, and take it easy at dinner because you’re about to hibernate! If you eat a lot before bed, you may have trouble sleeping as your body is still digesting. As a reminder, coffee and alcohol are very bad for sleep!

9- Make Sleep A Priority Is One Of The Surprising Sleep Tips

Give him at least seven hours of your time. Everyone has a different rhythm, but find your optimal sleep duration and stick to it no matter what.

10-Perform A Relaxing Ritual Before Bed

A comfortable bedtime routine can relax you mentally and physically, and with repetition, your body and brain will recognize your phases as a signal that it’s time to sleep. Your ritual can be a hot bath or shower, meditation, talking to your partner or family, journaling, reading a book, or listening to music. So what kind of music is best for sleeping? In 2015, music composer Max Richter interviewed a neuroscientist about the stages of sleep, and what types of background noise are appropriate for each phase of the sleep cycle.

11-Prioritize Your Sleep

You may have heard boastful stories of entrepreneurs and world leaders surviving on four hours of sleep a night, but the truth is that most people definitely cannot.

Even if you feel awake after just a few hours of sleep, the cumulative effects of sleep deprivation can affect your physical and mental health.

Consistently getting less than five hours of sleep a night can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, or cancer, and medical statistics show that sleep deprivation shortens your life.

Ensure you’re getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night by following a regular sleep schedule.

That means going to bed and waking up around the same time every day, even on the weekends!