PM Modi Happy to Join Single-Use Plastic pm modi India happy to join single-use plastic – As per the latest news spreading worldwide Prime Minister Narendra Modi schedule a summon on Friday stating – India is committed to eliminate single-use plastic. The country will be glad to join France in the Launch of the global initiative on single-use plastic and also stated that it should be made as the high-level segment of the One Ocean Summit. However, the summon of pm modi India happy to join single-use plastic has created a enthusiasm in the youth.

In this article, we will cover all the significant areas of the news concerning the national comprehensive awareness campaign to clean plastic by accepting the Global Initiative program on single-use plastic launched by France.

A Brief Look into the News- PM Modi Happy to Join Single-Use Plastic

A Brief Look into the News- PM Modi Happy to Join Single-Use Plastic


Recently undertook Nationwide awareness campaign “India recently launched a national awareness drive to clear coastal areas of plastic and other trash. Around 13 tones of plastic garbage has gathered 3 lakh young people. PM Modi has instructed our Navy to dedicate 100 ship days to clearing marine debris of plastic this year. India is excited to undertake a worldwide campaign against single-use plastics alongside France.

As this is going to be the first and best step India took to reduce the waste of plastic. Moreover, it creates a thought in people’s minds for reusing plastic and making them helpful for the purpose.

He also stated three lakh youngsters gathered around 13 tons of plastic waste. The Top state leader additionally educated that the Indian Naval force has been coordinated to contribute 100 boat days this year to cleaning plastic squanders from the oceans.

Mr Modi added that India would be glad to join France in sending off a worldwide drive on single-utilize plastic. In his location, the Head of the state said that India has forever been a sea development, and today, our security and thriving are connected to the seas.

Modi referenced that India’s Indo – Pacific Sea Drive contains marine assets as a critical point of support.

Discussion of Launching Global Initiative on Single-Use Plastic

Discussion of Launching Global Initiative on Single-Use Plastic


In his speech, Prime Minister Modi asserted that ancient Indian texts indicate that India has always been a marine civilization.

Nowadays, the oceans are crucial to our wealth and security. One of the main pillars of India’s Indo-Pacific Ocean plan is marine resources. India accepts the French proposal for a partnership with big ambitions on biodiversity outside of national borders. This year, we want to have a binding international agreement,” he stated.

He also stated that – Today, our security and prosperity are link to the oceans. India’s Indo-Pacific Ocean enterprise contains marine resources as a critical pillar.

India supports the French initiative of high-ambition coalition biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. And states to have a legally binding international treaty this year.

Furthermore, India is dedicates to eradicate the  single-use plastic, according to prime minister.  Subsequently, this step will be the most significant change in plastic wastage and eradication. As people will realize the reasons for taking this step. And regulate the precautions to taken while wasting by other time.

Moreover, the summit is being organized by France from February 9-11 in Brest in assistance with the United Nations and the World Bank.

As per the sources, the main agenda of this summit is to mobilize the international community and make them take tangible action towards preserving and supporting a healthy and sustainable ocean ecosystem.

Furthermore, several other heads of state and governments will address the high-level segment. However, the summit specifically concerning the emergence of the summon, which PM Modi has led.

 About The French President Emmanuel Macron

 About The French President Emmanuel Macron

In his virtual presentation, Modi praised French President Emmanuel Macron. Furthermore, for organizing the three-day conference in Brest, France, calling it “a major global endeavor for oceans.”

He said: “India will be pleased to join France in initiating a worldwide drive on single-use plastics,” pointing out that India just launched a state-wide awareness campaign to clear plastic and other garbage from coastal areas.

According to Modi, through this amendable step that India had started. We can reach our goal by involving 300,000 young people  close to 13 tones of plastic debris. He continued, “I have also ordered our navy to dedicate 100 ship days this year to clearing marine debris of plastic.”

However, India has “always been a marine civilization,” according to Modi, and the ancient literature and theology of the nation discuss the gifts of the sea.


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