Gamitee is a Jerusalem-based company that helps travel sites by finding their users to book trips. After realizing that most buying decisions are group decisions. But online booking sites don’t give the group the essential tools to decide. The Gamitee team is on a mission to reinvent the way online. The primary purpose of the travel booking team of gamitee is to work and offer their solution to the websites themselves.

Gamitee enables on-the-ground decision-making for travelers, making trip planning simple and intuitive. Users who land on a travel site using Gamitee’s service can create a wish list, invite friends, vote and discuss options, and easily book their trip.

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Gamitee’s offerings include a best-in-class travel management platform and an intelligent survey workflow that makes it easy for travelers to make group decisions.

Since 2010, Gamitee has used for 35,000 trips worth $105 million. Gamitee’s customers include FTI tours and reserves, G Adventures, Lonely Planet, Viator and many more. The company currently has 15 employees in offices in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Gamitee’s CEO is Yossi Flarhbart, also the founder of Mytopia (sold to Cheetah Mobile). Flarhbart holds a degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Gamitee’s Chief Product Officer is Oleg Blonk, who has a degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Gamitee’s CTO is Sahar Zafra, who holds a degree in computer science, starting Tel Aviv University and entrepreneurship from Kobi Gartner, the Israeli entrepreneur school. She has previously worked as an executive at Fairmont Hotels, Groupon (the business of myopia), and Playtika (a gaming company).

Gamitee was funded by leading VC firms: The First Round Capital, 8VC, Carmel Ventures and other investors.

Who is Gamitee?


Gamitee is a Jerusalem-based start-up that helps travel destinations by assisting their clients with booking trips. In the wake of understanding that most purchasing choices are cooperative, internet booking destinations don’t give the gathering the essential devices they need to choose. The Gamitee group determined to rethink the way on the web. Travel booking works and offers its answer for the actual sites.

Gamitee empowers on-the-ground decision-making for explorers, making trip arrangements straightforward and intuitive. When clients land on a movement site utilizing Gamitee’s administration, they can list things to get, welcome their companions, vote and examine choices, and effectively book their excursion.

What Makes Gamitee So Successful?

What Makes Gamitee So Successful?

Gamitee helps e-commerce platforms assemble, analyze and act on user data that’s remained a blind spot in understanding their customers – shopping with friends. As a result, Gamitee gives shopping sites unique insights and excellent targeted opportunities to sell better by permitting shoppers to meet their friends and family in real-time.

At Gamitee, we target to make the internet a more social, friendly and collaborative place by making websites more friendly, sociable and compatible with group surfing. We aim to make every website “group compatible, ” enabling a group-oriented, collaborative, more familiar understanding for all and sundry. We plan to do this first by transporting the price from this experience to the website owners and building a successful company. After that, we will open APIs and app markets so that every website and user can quickly make their version and vision of online collaboration.

Gamitee Becomes Joyned

Gamitee Becomes Joyned

Joyned, previously known as Gamitee, reported Wednesday that it had brought $4 million in seed financing to foster its web-based business stage that places shippers steering the ship of social commitment.

President Jonathan Abraham made sense of that Gamitee signifies “joined together” in Hebrew.

However, the Jerusalem-based SaaS organization chose to spell it “euphoria” because it will likely “impart bliss in its clients’ encounters.”

“Arthur is a retail legend, and he assists us a great deal in the US with promoting,” Abraham said. “Yari was quick to make an informing application, and along with Rafael, we will enter the US market and foster our image there.

Rather than assisting web-based business organizations with improving publicizing via virtual entertainment, Joyned permits retailers to convey a collective shopping stage experience straightforwardly from their sites without depending on online entertainment stages, Abraham said. Instead, customers can remain on a retailer’s site and carry companions to see items with a solitary snap.

Strangely, Abraham concocted the thought for the business a long time back while arranging his wedding. But, first, he needed to pick an outfit to wear, and in wake of designating relatives to help him, his life was overflowed with outfit choices, and his PC had many tabs open. It was then that he had the possibility of co-perusing and started assembling the organization with prime supporter Michael Levinson.

About Gamitee Israel Company

About Gamitee Israel Company     

Around two dozen Israeli organizations were spread around virtual CES this year. Nineteen new companies were highlighted in the Israel Product Organization’s Israeli Structure, a fourth from Israel’s roaring versatility area. And also Gamitee considered one of the fastest-accepted consumer Israel companies. But, of course, it’s simpler to pick when you get your companions included.

However, that often includes replicating messages and connections, sending screen captures and perpetual WhatsApp messages. It’s such an aggravation that 55% of US explorers say they’ve deserted an internet-based buy due to the problem.

Gamitee permits at least two individuals to book online together. First, one individual makes a shareable list of things to get to ship off loved ones. Moreover, Gamitee expects to present a shopping basket that moves with you between internet business destinations. And recalling your ordinary dynamic excursion.


In the above article, our website Just Buffer has covered some important points related to Gamitee Israel Company. That they experience and enable individuals to shop together.  Additionally, Joyned places the social part in web-based shopping and overcomes any barrier on the web and disconnected.

With Joyned, retailers can diminish client obtaining costs, improve transformation rates and construct reliability. Moreover, the new capital will establish the groundwork for Joyned’s huge-scope development. In the US, where the organization is now having an effect. In addition, the organization needs to use its Florida advertising group and add deals and backing capabilities.