Bitcoin Price From Google Finance


We will show you how to pull certain cryptocurrency prices from google finance. There’s a way to do it. Through google finance, which is a much more reliable form of polling data, yahoo could change its code, and then the function will break google finance. Its code won’t break google finance, or google sheets will continue to maintain and update that, so this is the only way of pulling actual crypto prices.

What Do We Do To Get Bitcoin Price From Google Finance?What Do We Do To Get Bitcoin Price From Google Finance?

Bitcoin’s ticker is BTC. Right hit enter loading 94 cents. Something’s wrong here bitcoins are not worth 94 cents. What’s going on? Well, that’s because BTC is stock on either the new York stock exchange or Nasdaq. That’s what’s happening here. If we hit comma and then do name to figure out precisely what it is, hit enter blue sky digital asset corp. That’s the stock’s price that we just pulled for 94 cents, clearly not bitcoin, clearly not what we’re looking for, so how do we make it work well?

We need to let google finance know that we’re not looking for a stock we’re looking for a currency. Still, there is a way to pull a coin like this, so say we want to see the USD compared to the euro. If we hit Enter, look at that one USD equals 0.8457017 euros. We could flip the two if we wish to. Maybe we want to compare the euro to us dollar. Hit enter, and then it converts it’s 1.18245.

What Is Bitcoin? And How Much Is It Worth?

So bitcoin is a currency. You probably previously know where this is going. Take the euro and do BTC. Look at that BTC USD there. It is 55970. Let’s go with this cell if we drop down to Ethereum e-t-h-u-s-d and if we go to bitcoin cash b-c-h-u-s-d. The cool part is we could also flip It if we do usd btc the load the reason it says zeros.

We have to go back there we go. Hence, one dollar is worth point zero zero zero zero one seven eight six five Five bitcoins, so you can flip them if you want as well. We can convert this e t h hit enter loading. Let’s go back to the decimals. There it is, and even more excellent, guys. Maybe you are not in the united states. Well, don’t worry, it also works for euros. Let’s get rid of the decimals. Look at that, so one bitcoin is worth 47 000 euros.


Does Google Finance track Bitcoin? Unfortunately, Google Finance appears only to track a limited number of cryptocurrencies at the moment. When you click the crypto tab, you’ll see Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash by default.

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