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Scuff Vantage

Scuff Vantage – Scuff has announced a new gamepad, the Vantage. It is a premium controller for Ps 4 game players. Typically it has been designed to control and speed up the game mode. The model is adapted by inserting an electromagnetic remapping device (EMR) device.

This is considered the best option for gamers and comes with several additional featured keys that enhance the model’s stability.

Scuff became well known for its great gamepads and has now declared a new advanced model with the name vantage. And this gamepad is to attach the play station 4 game players visibly. However, it is the most theoretical suggestion for the Xbox regulator.

Introduction of Scuff Vantage New Model

Scuff Vantage (1)

Like other standard regulators, the scuff Vantage is furnished with two extra fastens on both sides, which is considered a significant change.

The Scuff modified the regulator features and gained much popularity with this. The buttons can unreversed by the regulator, including simple sticks.

The major drawback of the Scuff early model was its regulator design. However, the Scuff has a shrewd regulator in its reach, and now, it is accessible with both wire and Bluetooth options.

More About Vantage

Moreover, it has been available in countries like the USA and Canada up until this point. The newly launched scuff vintage logo on the front now appears on every model. However, the scuff vantage is a down-evolving ancestor with a rich regulator.

Scuff Gaming Presents Strong SCUF Renowned Regulator for Xbox. However, Scuff Gaming is working energetically toward something more prominent.

The SCUF Renown expands on the protected innovations presented by Scuff Gaming: replaceable ergonomic back paddles, movable hair triggers, attractive remapping of controls, fast shift trigger stops, and also, compatible thumb sticks that permit gamers to match interactivity to their style.

The SCUF Notoriety expands on advancements of compatible ergonomic back cushions, customizable hair triggers, attractive remapping controls, fast shift stops, and also, tradable thumbstick that permit players to tailor interactivity to their style.

Critical Elements of Scuff Vantage Model

Scuff Vantage (2)

  • Advanced buttons
  • Servicing guards
  • Normal D Cushions
  • Swappable D cushion
  • Sound touch bar
  • Scuff thumbstick
  • Control plate
  • Remote switch
  • Tradable triggers
  • Speedy shift trigger stop
  • Sharp and fast handles
  • Faceplate
  • Back oars
  • Vibrating modules

    Is Scuff Vantage Expensive?

The simple sticks and the control cushion can likewise be changed. With the related program, the regulator can adjusted individually and set as you need. However, it is an officially licensed device.

The Scuff Vantage comes from the manufacturer Scuff, which not only sells its products in the country. Especially the scuffs technologies build into its in-house expert gamepad.

Its advanced features and modified keys that have been upgraded from time to time are costly and make the gadget the fastest in the gaming zone.

The model costs nearly 170 US dollars, and the wireless Bluetooth version is 200 US dollars.

Features of Scuff Vantage

Exterior of SAX buttons

Magnetic front panel

Latest audio voice modules

Vibrating modules

Scuff paddles

3d level thumbstick

Extender function mode trigger

Replaceable cushions pads

Gaming controller

USB version modules

Bluetooth capacity enhanced

Regulator fastened module

What’s in the Box of Scuff Vantage?

You get somewhat more than simply the regulator if you get a Scuff Vantage. The remote model accompanies a 10-foot miniature USB link, two raised broadened simple sticks, expanded L2 and R2 trigger covers, the dark enemy of erosion rings (that can supplant the neon yellow ones), and a semi-hard case to fit the regulator and frill.

Comparisons of Xbox 1 and Dual shock 4

An important thing to observed is that this is PS 4 controller. And is missing some of the significant functions of Dual shock 4. Pairing the Vantage to your PS 4 must done manually so it can be connected to your device section of the system settings.

The overall process is straightforward but has too in-depth concerning issues while pairing up with manual system modules. The Scuff Vantage does not differ much in size and model compared to the Xbox one controller and Dual shock 4. Moreover, it appears to have much more in common with Xbox one pad.

Scuff Vantage is very popular for offset analog stick placement. Which after the Microsoft approach with box controllers enhanced. At the same time, it looks bulky at first look.

Removable Faceplate of Scuff Vantage

The Scuff Vantage’s faceplate can removed easily whenever needed. As it is magnetic so that the notification pops up every time you intend to insert or remove the plate of Vantage from the regulator from the module.

The inner side of the Vantage appears to have rumble module handles which can be painlessly removed. And also, the faceplate has anti-friction rings around the module’s opening sides, which is also interchangeable.

Scuff Vantage Paddles

The prominent enhanced feature of the Vantage is the paddle which makes the regulator fast in the gaming mode of PS 4. However, the paddles appear on the back. Instead of using face buttons, these can move the arrows.

A drawback of these paddles is that they are tough to use because of their stiffness. The force used to start the paddles is a bit harder, making the paddles use a bit harder.

Sax Buttons

Here we have 2 main buttons for the PS 4 regulator of Scuff Vantage, S1, and S2, also known as sax buttons. That is located on the sides just below L1 and R1. Even though they tend to lighten up the module’s task ever mistakenly pressed.


The study of Scuff Vantage declares that the new module regulator has many advantages and has become the fastest gaming regulator for the PS 4 model. But the model’s availability is minimal and scarce as of now. Basically, it is available only in countries like the USA and Canada.

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