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We will tell you about far we know what a decentralized system is and how it works. Decentralized systems are called systems that are made by combining intelligent contracts and Blockchains. No other administrator is running on such a system. Once a system is created, no one can shut down the system.

So let’s know about this system. The name of the system is Rapido. Run europe has a system that has not been launched yet. Its official domain is www.rapido.com, and its official telegram group is rapidarunofficial. This system works on Ethereum. If you do not know about ethereum, let me tell you to talk about bitcoin as the world’s largest cryptocurrency, which is the second-largest currency of Ethereum. You can join at least 0.03 Ethereum to join this system.

This System Works On Three Types Of Matrixes.This System Works On Three Types Of Matrixes.

  • Rapido x3
  • Rapido X4
  • And Rapido x8

so let us know how this system works. As you register with 0.03 Ethereum, every single slot on your three matrixes becomes bought by 0.01 Eth on x3, 0.01 eth on x4, and 0.01 Ethereum on the last x8 as well.

1 .Rapido x3

you put three direct on the x3. Out of that, you get 100 income from two people. Direct number three goes to reinvest, and its income goes to your direct application. So, you can make a small team and take considerable income. Just like you gave three direct if you do the team by doing this, you will come under you again and give income again and again. The x3 has 15 slots or 15 levels in easy language.

2 . Rapido X4

so let’s understand x4 there are two lines on the x4 two people come on the first line that two members can also come from your direct or your replying overflow meaning. You can also come from European help. You do not have income from that two people.

All income on the first line goes to your direct application, and friends come under two like four members. So you get 100 income from three of the four people. The fourth man’s income goes applying to you. Friends also have 15 slots on the x4 you can buy a lot of spaces slowly and take a considerable payment.

3 . Rapido x8

so let’s understand x8 friends in x8 are three lines. Two people arrive on the first line. You do not have income from both people. The payment of two people goes to your applying to apply super reply. Then there are four members on the second line. You do not have income from four people. The pay of four people goes to your direct appliance.

Whose friends get eight men in three number line your income starts from here out of eight people you earn income from seven people the number eight-member goes in to reinvest, and his income goes to your direct applying. So friend’s plan works according to this. You can get a lot of income by buying a forward slot. You have the purchasing advantage of as many places as you can. If you believe your downline space before you, your income gets burnt off Europe Line, so try to get your team to walk with you.

How Much Income Weight A Decentralized System

By mixing all the slots, everyone gets recycled once the total income is 600 Ethereum. Once Recycled, there is so much income. So you can understand how much income you can have once a day or one time a month. Currently, the price of one Ethereum in us dollars is more than 300.

So if you work with a good team and make your team, you can earn more than 100 Ethereum Daily. I give you one of my suggestions you can achieve maximum Ethereum in a day. I suggest that if you work with a team of three people, there can be a considerable income. If you get more than three members, then help your section.

You will not get direct payment, but they can get tremendous in the future. There is a prediction going on right now by 2025, the price of one Ethereum can flash around 100 000. So it would be top if you tried to earn maximum Ethereum from this system and keep the identical Ethereum in stock at an ethereum price of 500 by the end of this year. Since the finish of this year, the cost of Ethereum can go active to 500 or 1000.


Is Ethereum a good investment? Despite the sluggish start to 2022, many experts remain bullish, predicting that the price of Ethereum will reach and exceed $12,000 this year. Moreover, despite the recent slump, Ethereum had a relatively strong close to 2021. In November, Ethereum reached a new high of $4,850. 0.03 Eth

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